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ZJ&TJ replied to topic Friday Night 10Q

Been a while since T started one so thought I would have a go tonight. smile 1. Do you have heating on? Always! 2. Do you carry cash or are you an electronic shopper? Electronic shopper 3. What...

Saturday 17 August 01:02pm

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 14th August 2013

Only one each time With my first I just knew as we were planning him and my first sign was my tummy feeling tender when I put the seatbelt over. The test came back positive and it was the most ex...

Saturday 17 August 12:58pm

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Looking for fun iPhone app games

The Sims freeplay Candy crush Bejeweled Flow free Solitaire Tetris Pic combo 4 pics 1 word Deal or no deal Cut the rope

Sunday 07 April 09:34pm

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Boring Sunday Afternoon Questions

1. Nice. Not to hot, not too cold. There were nice sun showers today and a beautiful rainbow too. 2. It was ok I guess. 3. It was boring, not a lot to do. 4. No 5. Chocolate eggs! 6. Sleep...

Sunday 07 April 09:26pm

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! 3rd April 2013

My daughter is completely split between us. She looks like both of us equally and it's hard to tell which one she looks like more. It can depend on her expression too.

Sunday 07 April 09:18pm

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Is period regular after breastfeeding

I'm using contraception but I still worry about when it will come and what if... With my first I breast fed for almost 15 months and I didn't get a period as I was doing it exclusively. With this o...

Thursday 24 January 03:31pm

ZJ&TJ started new topic Is period regular after breastfeeding

Hi, I'm just wondering whether periods return to normal after you stop breastfeeding or slow down? My daughter is almost 6 months and for the last couple of months I have been mix feeding with mos...

Wednesday 23 January 11:40am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Bassinet vs Cot.

There is a basinett which i have just put on lay-by and it seems a lot better than those with padded sides. The sides are all mesh and it also zips up the top to keep insects away. It can be used f...

Monday 23 April 12:04am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic A very random Q for those who have had teeth extracted

I had two teeth taken out a few weeks back, one was my wisdom & one was right next to it & they were a little infected too. I was only in there, sitting on the chair for 15 mins & they were out. ...

Monday 13 December 12:29pm

ZJ&TJ replied to topic When you sell on Ebay

I definitely clean stuff before i sell on there, it's common courtesy. I wouldn't like to receive something dirty so why would anyone else. Also i wouldn't want anyone leaving bad feedback on ho...

Saturday 11 December 02:26am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Do you have a new years resolution?

To finally get my license after about 6 years of being on my learners! It's gonna happen! Also to be healthy, mind and body.

Saturday 11 December 01:31am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Why do they do that?

That sucks. Kids don't need to worry bout whether Santa is real or not at such a young age. Maybe their running out of story lines... As for that Caiuo show my partner and i realized the other day...

Saturday 11 December 01:14am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Is it selfish of me to want 2 girls?!!?

I don't think it's selfish either. I'm in a similar but different boat. My partner has always wanted a little girl because a lot of girls are daddy's girls. I have a son to a different daddy & ...

Saturday 11 December 01:00am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic My Tyler

Thank you all! I know there isn't a lot people can say but knowing that people care is really good to know because sometimes i feel like i am all alone.

Friday 03 December 08:16am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic My Tyler

Oh huge hugs to you, I know it is hard but please do NOT blame yourself, I know much easier said than done, I have been there, I am still there and it is sheer hell, I know that nothing I say or ...

Friday 03 December 07:03am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic SIDS

Thank you all. There is a hot line that i have been meaning to call, just a little nervous, i don't really know what to say but i am going to call. Thought i would try here first because i can typ...

Friday 03 December 05:53am

ZJ&TJ started new topic SIDS

I lost my son Tyler just over 4 weeks ago to SIDS he was 7 weeks and 6 days old. I guess I'm looking for people who have been in a similar situation or anyone that has any advice or something on ho...

Friday 03 December 04:54am

ZJ&TJ started new topic My Tyler


Friday 03 December 04:30am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic people are already assuming

My ds2 is only 7 weeks old (i have two boys now) and i cant count the number of times i have been asked when the next one is going to be and if we are going to be trying for a girl. After just hav...

Sunday 24 October 08:22am

ZJ&TJ replied to topic Please help my DD win a wedding dress...

Voted I can probably get a few more ppl to like it too. Good luck, hope she wins they have a great story

Thursday 21 October 03:07am
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