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*Neenie78* replied to topic Losing weight

Not sure about the weight loss thing...perhaps just monitor yourself and if it continues at that rate go for a check up! As far as the hair goes I decided to chop mine when I had to pull a long ha...

Tuesday 29 March 02:45am

*Neenie78* replied to topic ideas for Mince

Ditto with above...What about a savoury mince? Fry some onion, cook mince, throw in some vegies, sauces, a little stock and let simmer gently till veg are cooked. Serve with a bit of bread and but...

Tuesday 29 March 01:54am

*Neenie78* replied to topic "Faking" an injury

When my ds was three he complained of a sore tummy. He gripped it and curled into a ball, cried and moaned in agony. After asking if he needed to poo, to which he said no, I tried to console him....

Saturday 06 March 03:02am

*Neenie78* replied to topic Hello Hello All

Well catwoman...welcome to Huggies! Hope you find answers to any questions you may have and you're bound to meet a lovely group of ladies along the way! Hope it all goes well with your growing ...

Friday 05 March 11:29pm

*Neenie78* replied to topic how long is to long

That's TERRIBLE customer service!!! I would be going crazy!! I think I'd ring the manufacturer again and let them know the problem you're having with their "recommended" supplier and ask if they h...

Friday 05 March 11:22pm

*Neenie78* replied to topic homework

My ds is also in yr 3 and they're going into double digit addition. The teacher also stated that they (meaning all kids in the class) should know or be taught all basic addition so that it is auto...

Friday 05 March 02:21am

*Neenie78* replied to topic Need some ideas for dinner...

Got any french onion soup mix and apricot nectar handy? Apricot chicken! Yummmmmmmy!

Friday 05 March 02:12am

*Neenie78* replied to topic Why you should always hide your permanent markers

Cute! That's a mild case though! My DS attacked himself with a stamp and ink pad! Oh...and a permanent marker + quiet child = lovely artwork around the walls under the bed!!

Thursday 04 March 11:11pm

*Neenie78* replied to topic Bullying: Would you stop your child

I'm with you vkw! No...there will be no Facebook, etc, here for our kids!

Thursday 04 March 10:56pm

*Neenie78* replied to topic Rain!!!!

I usually love rain but I've had enough! Been raining here pretty much non stop since Sunday. I don't own a dryer and undercover line space is limited. My youngest had a tummy bug and projecti...

Thursday 04 March 10:46pm

*Neenie78* replied to topic sandwiches for 9mth old

Vegemite's fine. I usually only put it on thinly anyway! You could try an apricot jam. Shredded ham. Creamed corn. Smooshed avocado. Who says it needs to be a sandwich? Chop us some bread into cu...

Wednesday 03 March 11:05pm

*Neenie78* replied to topic Camping with kids

A campground with a camp kitchen, washing facilities, etc will cut down the amount you have to pack! You should be able to find one somewhere with a playground/pool/jumping pillow! A playpen/porta...

Wednesday 03 March 10:51am

*Neenie78* replied to topic OMG Look at my Ticker

Hope it all goes well for you! Enjoy your special day!

Tuesday 02 March 09:32am

*Neenie78* replied to topic when shoud my 81/2 month old get more teeth?

They'll come when they're ready! And not always in the order you might expect! My first DS had 2 bottom teeth and two top 'fangs' when he was 6mths! He gnawed EVERYTHING! You should see the ...

Saturday 27 February 10:15am

*Neenie78* replied to topic Religion/beliefs

Well...this could be a can of worms! lol Anyway...I believe in a God or some higher being that helps guide us. I celebrate Christmas/Easter as times of sharing with family and friends and a time ...

Saturday 27 February 08:56am

*Neenie78* replied to topic Crap.. how do u

Oopsie! Can you give her two ++ to compensate?

Saturday 27 February 05:13am

*Neenie78* replied to topic Appalling, sorry but I had to share!

EEEK!! OH NO!! Maybe by exchanging nods and smiles he assumed you were going to take responsibility for his child?? NAUGHTY daddy!

Saturday 27 February 04:57am

*Neenie78* replied to topic middle names

How about trying... Rose Ella Lee Faye Lyn May Bella Grace Not sure what suits with surname though! Do you want two short middle names or longer? Do you have a nan, mother or other female per...

Saturday 27 February 04:46am

*Neenie78* replied to topic You think the 2's are terrible....

Aww hun! GBH! Try and stick with it! My MIL always said to her DD during her teenage tirades that she hoped one day she would have a child just like her so she'd know how it felt! Guess what...MI...

Friday 26 February 04:33am

*Neenie78* replied to topic I need opinions! Please

Yep...Job 2! We lived 11 hours drive from family for 4 years when the kids were babies and new borns. Just over 4 hours drive is nothing really! Although it sounds like you've already picked job ...

Friday 26 February 04:22am
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