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trac74 replied to topic poll on toilet training

My side of the family think the same as your Nan ,all of us kids where TT by 12-13 months.So my mum has been asking me how it's going with Kurt! I have just started my 12month old boy in the last w...

Saturday 20 March 06:56am

trac74 replied to topic Can you please give me some feedback? Updated!!

Hi, I thought was really good and wow your products are amazing!!! I did notice that when you place the cursor over the pictures in the gallery, all came up with 'princess tiara' over it(if that m...

Monday 15 March 08:09am

trac74 replied to topic Ergo Baby Carrier

We brought one as hubby wanted to be able to have our heavy bubba on his back.Is just fabulous and i find that wearing it on my front is a lot better than babybjorn etc.It is very comfortable. I do...

Saturday 13 March 07:38am

trac74 replied to topic safe suggestions needed

Hubby isn't too keen on the chiro idea but I may look into it as it sounds like it would help straighten her out a bit. My Man wasnt keen on seeing a Chiro for our bub,but She was so gentle with...

Saturday 13 March 06:51am

trac74 replied to topic So sick from 12mth immunizations

Hi Jess, My little boy had his 12month injections a week ago.This is the first time he has had a reaction other than being unsettled.Was only a rash around his neck and top of back but still was a...

Thursday 11 March 06:49am

trac74 replied to topic Would love the help of huggies mums PLEASE

Done-Good luck!

Wednesday 10 March 06:41am

trac74 replied to topic feeling uncomfortable around other mums

Me too and i constantly wonder why this is.I am 36 with a 12month old and cannot seem to fit in with them other mums at the groups i go to and i often think it may be my age.I am into my second ter...

Wednesday 24 February 07:39pm

trac74 replied to topic online Grocery shopping

I am a woolies online shopper convert.I dont usually buy fruit and veg from there, unless 5kg potatoes etc if they are a good price.You can still get everything that is on special and they show uni...

Wednesday 24 February 07:25pm

trac74 replied to topic yasmin pill....

I am another yasmin PMS and i hadnt thought about it until reading the other posts regarding skin,my skin has definatly improved since being on it(i though i must of been still 'glowing...

Sunday 31 January 05:13pm

trac74 replied to topic Mackenzie- Boy or Girls Name??

My niece is a 'Mackenzie'.She is so sweet and petite, but her nickname is 'Macca' whichs sort of distroys the girlyness of the name i feel!

Sunday 06 December 06:12pm

trac74 replied to topic Troubles at nappy-changing time

I was also at wits end with changing our 8month old.Nothing worked, stickers,singing you name it, tried it.Was becoming a safety issue for me so now I change him on the floor or bed,with me sitting...

Thursday 26 November 12:31pm

trac74 replied to topic holding bottles

Hi Shelstar, i am looking forward to Kurt holding his bottle very much.At 8 months he is not doing so either.I have tendonitis in both arms so cannot wait for a 'rest' from holding that position.Sh...

Saturday 07 November 08:35pm

trac74 replied to topic Constipation Please help!!!!!

Posted by: 2SweetGirls What are you feeding her and what formula are you using? Its a daily diet thing so if she's been constipated since starting solids her diet needs changing. I totally a...

Wednesday 14 October 05:40pm

trac74 replied to topic weight gains

Hi, It used to take me a week to 'get over' my visits to the health nurse.I also questioned my son being weighed before& after feeds and if he had poo'd that morning.I also had additional weigh-ins...

Sunday 11 October 08:15pm

trac74 replied to topic Quick Question

Hi, I am thinking if the nappy rash looks red-raw and painfal then yes panadol would help with the 'pain' associated with nappy rash,but will not soothe it etc.Have you some sudocream or something ...

Sunday 11 October 07:57pm

trac74 replied to topic 12 week jabs......

Hi Libby, How is your boy going today?My boy was very sleepy for a few days after his injections.He is a big eater so i didnt really notice any difference with his bottles.If your boy isnt having m...

Sunday 11 October 07:53pm

trac74 replied to topic REFLUX HELP/ADVICE ??!!

Hi Tia, As pp suggests,i raised the mattress in Kurts cot with two phone books about half-way up the base of the cot.This seemed to help a lot with colic.I also used 'Brauer' colic relief,brillian...

Sunday 11 October 07:46pm

trac74 replied to topic feeding advice plz

Hi Miss e, This link in huggies, has some good ideas to base what food to give and at what age. cheers Trace

Wednesday 07 October 05:43pm

trac74 replied to topic constantly sick!

Sorry to hear Pippa been sick.I am definatly no expert,but am wondering if you increase your own intake of vitamin C or zinc etc it may pass through to her through BF and boost her immunity. Just a...

Saturday 03 October 05:59pm

trac74 replied to topic nanna's dog troubles HELP

Hi, I am a total dog lover.However,i think dogs and babies do not mix no matter what the breed,size,age,they are still an animal that can attack and kill a baby.I cant belive this dog has already n...

Saturday 03 October 05:52pm
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