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cheekygirl replied to topic Breastfed babies & bowel movements

it is very normal. my daughter went 7 days as long as they are passing wind its fine the reason this happens is because u have a good supply of milk that has little waste in it

Wednesday 09 April 04:05pm

cheekygirl replied to topic breastfeeding

Im lucky my daughter loves being breastfed. Ive had the usuall cracked nipples and so on but i suggest u persisit with it.My suggestion is try to stay stress free whilst breastfeeding and make sure...

Wednesday 09 April 04:03pm

cheekygirl replied to topic Dummies

My daughter is nearly 4 months old and i will only use the nuk dummies.I was wondering do u have any ideas on teething as i dont wish to use bonjela

Wednesday 09 April 03:57pm
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