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BecImp replied to topic Anixety

I didn't think I had any anxiety - just depression, until the psychologist I recently stared seeing explained it to me: (in her words, summarised) Depression: Sad and concerned about what has go...

Sunday 09 August 01:54pm

BecImp replied to topic St John's Wart?

my doc had the same idea - and it does seem to have helped some. that, plus seeing a psychologist (rather than the MCH counsellor) has helped quite a bit - not better, but it's easier for me to de...

Sunday 09 August 01:46pm

BecImp replied to topic ULTRASOUND / XRAY 4 CLICKY HIPS

hey, my son is in a pavlik harness - he was fitted at 4 days old (ortho surgeon request) and had his ultrasound at 9 days old. the earlier the harness is on the better. You know best, so push ...

Friday 27 March 08:45am

BecImp replied to topic Iv got a dum question

same here - craving cheesecake right now - have been for the last six months, but been afraid to eat it... now? With Christmas season on the way? BRING ON THE CHEESECAKE!

Thursday 27 November 04:24pm
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