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C&C replied to topic 15 month old updates

Thanks everyone. It helps to know where other bubs are at. he is our second child, but our first was a girl & they pick up the speach quicker than the boys do, but he walked before she did so it e...

Friday 07 January 03:43am

C&C started new topic 15 month old updates

I was just wondering what other peoples little men were saying at 15 months? I know all children are different with there developments. Our little man has said Dad, Nan & hes now going through the...

Thursday 06 January 11:07am

C&C replied to topic Baby shows in Brisbane

Any info would be great! I havnet been able to find any as well

Thursday 27 May 12:07am

C&C started new topic surrogacy

Im thinking about becomming a surrogate and have googled but cant find anything for Brisbane/QLD I will be going to the doctors in the next couple of weeks but I was wondering if anyone had any de...

Thursday 27 May 12:03am

C&C replied to topic Worlds worst mum

cheer up your far from the worst mum, its not like your just being to lazy to go or just not wanting to. there will be next time, she wont remember this one off thing, she will remember all the ot...

Thursday 25 March 12:19am

C&C replied to topic mojo? mojo? where are you??

i know it sounds silly, but have a girls night out, get really drunk - but not so drunk youll pass out - wake him up when you get home and 'jump' him. it worked for me. sometimes you just have to ...

Thursday 25 March 12:08am

C&C replied to topic Fathers Day from a newborn?!

i know im a bit late, but my daughter gave her daddy a mans braclett with 'DADDY' on the top & 'love chloe 09' underneith engraved on it. he loved it! he never takes it off.

Thursday 25 March 12:02am

C&C replied to topic Daddy Gone!

Im so sorry for your loss & you sound like your doing a great job! Im not sure if anyone else has suggested this, but what about putting a shirt or item of clothing that smells like your partner in...

Wednesday 24 March 11:57pm

C&C replied to topic The sex thing

YOU CAN GET PREGGERS WHILE BREAST FEEDING!! - comming from some one who found out the hard way lol -

Wednesday 24 March 11:47pm

C&C replied to topic A males prespective?

Hi, I know this one is just for the men - a thought/idea. Just a question, you dont have to answere. How was the sex life before he moved into another room? My partner and i were fighting heaps a...

Wednesday 24 March 11:29pm

C&C replied to topic Father to Be

YAY!! congrats!! it sounds like your getting excited, which is great! To be perfectly honest, it does make money matters a bit tight, expecially if your both working at the moment. But life only t...

Wednesday 24 March 11:23pm

C&C replied to topic What do I do next?

if you have a problem, i would suggest emailing ACA or today tonight and telling them about your problem, i remember not long ago another family had the same problem and im pretty sure they got re-...

Wednesday 24 March 10:59pm

C&C started new topic hi 5 dvds?

i was just wondering if there was any hi5 dvds that just had the singing and dancing on them? my daughter gets bored when they start talking and walks off.

Wednesday 24 March 10:53pm

C&C started new topic BABY SHOWS?

Hi, im just wondering if anyone knows if there is any baby shows comming up in brisbane north & southside? thanks

Friday 19 February 01:02pm

C&C replied to topic No Nuts

Thankyou both, those ideas were brilliant, she wont be getting bored of her lunchbox items any time soon. Thanks again

Monday 15 February 03:40pm

C&C started new topic No Nuts

My toddler (17 months) just started at a no nut or traces of nuts/peanuts daycare. Apart from the usual fruit and sandwich i was wanting some ideas for food/munchies i can send in with her for morn...

Friday 12 February 04:06pm

C&C replied to topic Pram giveaway Brisbane Northside

if you still are having trouble getting rid of it, try

Wednesday 16 December 10:47am

C&C replied to topic Hi , im looking for mothers group around brisbane city or spring hill !!!!

Its the next suburb over from Chermside. Sorry to hear its to far.

Wednesday 09 December 03:45pm

C&C replied to topic Hi , im looking for mothers group around brisbane city or spring hill !!!!

Hi ladies, Im Tarra, I have a 15 month old daughter & a 2 month old son. I have a weekly wednesday meet at zillmere with some other friendly mums and were always looking for new mums. PM if you wou...

Friday 04 December 03:05pm

C&C started new topic water breaking

Hi, during my first labour my water broke literly 5 min before bub popped out. Im curious as to the chances of this happening the second time around? Thanks [Edited on 02/10/2009]

Saturday 03 October 09:34am
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