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R+J=A+E+G replied to topic When to give up on breastfeeding?

Katmcmurdo wrote: I'm in the same boat and i'm struggling with what to do. I have just had my first baby and I had a really stressful labour and ended up having an emergency c-section. Af...

Monday 07 April 07:01am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic What should I tell my daughter in preperation for birth

We didn't plan a homebirth but I had a quick labour in the past so I wanted to prepare my daughter incase it happened quickly again. She was also almost 4. We just kept it really simple and an...

Sunday 30 March 08:01am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Sick of my kids asking for food all day

My kids do this too. I have found that if i really think about what food to prepare they are better eg i have to make sure they are getting enough protein as sometimes its just easier to make anoth...

Friday 28 March 10:48am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic What would you do

We have this conversation all the time too. I express milk for my girls if they ask for some. I would never try and attach them again but thats only my personal preference. Breastmilk never loses ...

Thursday 20 March 08:20am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Dinner time manners

I would be more inclined to think he is over-hungry. I would bring dinner time back half and hr and see if that makes any difference. Some kids can be so focused on the day that they don't rec...

Friday 24 January 07:57am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic She is driving me CRAZY!!

To be honest I think its really normal for an 8 month to not only catnap at certain ages but also not sleep through the night at 8 months. I think to have a baby sleep through the night at that age...

Wednesday 08 January 12:37pm

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Recurring mastitis - any tips?

Please don't listen to your doctor!! My mastitis was caused by oversupply so once it settled down everything got much better If you google Kellymom, there is advice on oversupply. Also contac...

Monday 30 December 08:08am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Recurring mastitis - any tips?

I also had recurring mastitis and a few things that helped me were- -wearing very unrestricted clothing, even a singlet with inbuilt bra would provoke masitits -massaging my sore boob in the show...

Sunday 29 December 08:41pm

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Big bubba and induction

Hey, Good luck with the birth of your baby, its such an exciting time especially with your first as your so impatient to meet them! Im only writing as I wish someone would have warned me. I was als...

Friday 20 December 07:51am

R+J=A+E+G started new topic Any dentists around??

About 3 weeks ago Miss 5 was on the trampoline with a friend and they had a clash and she knocked her teeth. They bleed but none seemed loose so we left it at that. The last week or so one of the t...

Sunday 10 November 06:25pm

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic share your epic fails and successes

HappyHead wrote: I used the recipe on the cream of tartar tin, it does come out looking manky but once you put it in a container with the lid off - allow to cool, then knead a bit and put back into...

Saturday 26 October 08:18am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic eczema shield?

Sorry OP no advice on the 'eczema shield'. Mainly commenting for those of you who are interested have a look at Sue Dengates website 70% of eczema is due to an intoleran...

Thursday 17 October 12:36pm

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Getting healthy support thread This blog is excellent and truly demonstrates the effect sugar has on all our bodies. Ever since I had my DD2 we have been a sugar free house and...

Monday 30 September 06:55am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic How to manage with 2 under 2?

Hey, I agree with all the others but ill add my 2 cents as well. I have 21 months between my first 2 girls. When my 2nd daughter was born we bought a present (just a dvd and a colouring book and pe...

Sunday 29 September 06:59pm

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic tips on how to settle an upset tummy?

Hi, lets start with the breastfeeding - why dont u think u have enough milk? Did u go and see a lactation consultant? At 2 wks old it would be very unlikely that u have low supply (infact very few ...

Wednesday 11 September 06:16am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic I cant seem to fill her

My girls also eat alot too! Some ideas for you- does she like porridge? We have porridge with cinnamon in the morning and also weetbix, the porridge fills them for longer. We limit fruit to one pie...

Saturday 17 August 08:29am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Angry at child care centre.

Hey i dont really have any advice i,agree with the above posts, but just thought id let you know that my daughters preschool has that same harry and his dinosaurs book in their class at the moment....

Saturday 17 August 08:02am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Breast Feeding & Periods

my first 2 children, got it back when they were 10 months and my 3rd daughter is almost 1 and I am still waiting (well not really waiting- enjoying...)....My 1 yr old is still breastfed twice overn...

Thursday 01 August 09:51am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Natural remedy for a cough?

I just got some probiotics for my girls who have quite chesty coughs. Its not instant relief but I am hoping it will clear them up abit by the weekend. I got inner health plus for kids.

Thursday 01 August 09:48am

R+J=A+E+G replied to topic Ducted heating/cooling options..

Yep, you do need a certain number of windows or doors open per room for it to work properly, I forget exactly how it works but it can only cool the air. its not like an air conditioner and I think ...

Thursday 01 August 09:45am
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