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*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic frustrated with formula

hi, my son is almost 12 weeks, he was 9 weeks early tho. He started off on breastmilk then when he was 3weeks my milk stopped so the hospital put him on s26 low birth weight, then when he cme home ...

Wednesday 20 July 09:31pm

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic hes coming home

Thats great, its a good day when a prem comes home DS was born at 33+4 and we were 1100km from home That must of been horrible being that far. Kobey was in Melb for a week so we were 500kms fro...

Sunday 05 June 05:45pm

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* started new topic hes coming home

Kobey is coming home on the weekend! he was born at 31+4, hes only 36 weeks gestation the drs are all really suprised at how well hes doing

Thursday 02 June 12:45am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic How long was your Prem labour?

my prem was my second. i had ruptured membranes from 24 weeks and when i was 31+3 i started to bleed in the morning, then at 9pm i was in an ambulance getting taken to the next town while having mi...

Thursday 02 June 12:42am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Welcoming my gorgeous little man

Thanks for all your replies! He is just soooo gorgeous! He gets to meet him big sister tomorrow so im looking forward to that...Bring on the next 5 weeks so we can take him home

Saturday 07 May 06:22am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* started new topic Welcoming my gorgeous little man

Kobey Joshua was born last week weighing 3 lb 5 oz....he was 8 and a half weeks early but is doing really well! he got transfered to Monash in melb as he needed a little bit of help with his breath...

Friday 06 May 05:24pm

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic my time here is over

Friday 08 April 12:46am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Any one read any good books lately?

The Martha Long books are... "Ma, he sold me for a few Cigarettes" "Ma, I'm Gettin Meself a New Mammy" "Ma, It's a Cold Aul Night an I'm Lookin for a Bed" "Ma, Now I'm Goin Up in the World" "Ma...

Thursday 07 April 05:16am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Any one read any good books lately?

the first one was great, I'm looking forward to the others when I can get my hands on them Hi, Iv just finished reading the first one of this series and loved it! what are the names of the rest ...

Thursday 07 April 04:10am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic MODS HELP!

same happened to me to. i hope we dont miss out because of it

Tuesday 05 April 11:36pm

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic The most putrid household smell has got to be......

Rotten potatoes! There's nothing quite like opening your potatoes cupboard and getting sucker punched right it the nose by the absolute putrid smell! Wow what an aroma. I cant think of anything t...

Thursday 31 March 01:48am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* started new topic L*BADD and randcsheppard

i have PM'd you both. thanks

Wednesday 30 March 03:40am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Special little guy!

Thats awesome! im 27 weeks tomorrow and at risk of having bub any day so im stuck in hospital until he's born. Im glad to read somthing posotive about a prem!

Wednesday 30 March 12:33am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Any One That Is A Mum

Lol at the washing basket. If i leave mine in the lounge with DD it doesnt matter if its full of clotes or not she will turn it upside down and sit on it or climb into it and make plane noises lol

Wednesday 30 March 12:06am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Probably a silly question

I sent you a PM hun xoxox

Tuesday 29 March 08:51am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Probably a silly question

I sent you a PM hun xoxox Thanks, iv just replied

Tuesday 29 March 08:50am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Anyone with a tounge piercing?

I took mine out 4 years ago. i think i just used oral b mouth wash for a couple of days and that was it. i never had a problem with it getting infected

Tuesday 29 March 07:55am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Probably a silly question

Sorry, I am not really sure what you mean.I have not had a premmie baby myself. I mean that i know he will be hooked up to monitors and in a humididy crib, but when will he be old enough or big ...

Tuesday 29 March 07:21am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* started new topic Probably a silly question

If i have my baby now (which is a high possibility) when will he be able to be dressed? im almost 27 weeks

Tuesday 29 March 07:02am

*alyssa&kobeys~mummy* replied to topic Mercy Hospital for Women

I had my DD at the Mercy - was also in there pre-birth but only for 3 days. Do you have complications that will keep you in for 5 weeks? How far along are you? My complications were not picked u...

Tuesday 29 March 12:12am
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