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TaLiMa started new topic conceiving a boy

I have two beautiful girls (twins) but I really want a son too. My partner and I agreed to only have two kids, the problem is they came at once. I thought I'd have the chance to try for which ever ...

Thursday 01 December 08:00pm

TaLiMa started new topic The best age gap?

My partner and I have 7 month old twin girls and are thinking about TTC again.. but are unsure of when we should.. I was just curious as to what other people think is the best age gap?? Thanks

Wednesday 14 September 01:27am

TaLiMa started new topic 3 & a half month old on solids?

I have a friend who has a little baby girl, three and half months old, who eats quiet well normally but has lately been fussy with her bottle. She never seems to be fully satisfied, even when she f...

Thursday 21 July 10:26pm

TaLiMa started new topic twins not sleeping

I have twin girls. They're 5 months old (3 months corrected) and although they sleep well of a night time and we have no trouble putting them in their cot and they sleep 8-10 hours mostly every nig...

Thursday 21 July 03:33am

TaLiMa started new topic ALDI FORMULA

My partner convinced me to buy the Aldi MAMIA GOLD Formula but I'm too nervous to actually give it to my girls. They are 2 months old and because of supply issues they were mixed fed until 2 weeks ...

Wednesday 13 April 12:20am

TaLiMa replied to topic Dont know what to do!!

I had only been with my partner 3 months the first time I fell pregnant too. I was on the pill as well. Didn't help. I was 19 at the time. When I told my partner he FREAKED! He hated the idea of h...

Sunday 27 March 09:33pm

TaLiMa replied to topic twins

Heyy I'm 32 weeks pregnant with twin girls and I did the test 1 day before my period was due but only showed the fainest positive.. A week later, same thing. And then when I went to the doctors t...

Friday 11 February 02:08am

TaLiMa replied to topic Curious... did anyone NOT get morning sickness?

I'm pregnant with twin girls and I only threw up like once!! All my friends and family have all experienced really bad morning sickness.. But I've had a pretty easy pregnancy!

Monday 24 January 09:20pm

TaLiMa started new topic Hospital Bag

Hey guys!! I'm having a C-section in a few weeks, but have to relocate closer to the hospital next week.. and I want to make sure I have all the stuff I need when I have to go to hospital... SOOO ...

Thursday 20 January 04:24am

TaLiMa replied to topic Baby Shower ??

Thank yous!! Yeah, my sister and my good friend both really really want to throw me one.. And I just always thought it would be nice.. My partner and I aren't planning on having any more kids so ...

Friday 03 December 11:03pm

TaLiMa started new topic Baby Shower ??

My partner and I are having twins, and I really want a baby shower... BUT there is so much travel now (Our pregnancy is high risk and so we have to travel to a hospital over two hours away once a w...

Friday 03 December 10:14pm

TaLiMa replied to topic Anyone had a "feeling" as to what sex baby was

I could have bet my mothers life on "feeling" I was having a boy, everyone else was telling me I was pregnant with a girl though.. Until the scan about 2 weeks ago when we were told we were actuall...

Tuesday 16 November 11:15pm

TaLiMa replied to topic 17 year old with twins

Hey!! CONGRATS! It's a blessing for sure! I'm 20 and me and my fiance` went for our 18 week scan last week and found out we were actually having twins!! two little girls as well! It was a bit...

Thursday 11 November 07:59pm

TaLiMa replied to topic a GIRLS name that goes with LILY

Thank yous all Its so hard ! every name I like, my partner hates and vice versa... GRR hahaha And no, unfortuantly our boys name wont work! We think though because Lily's middle name will be Ban...

Saturday 06 November 04:10am

TaLiMa replied to topic A HIDDEN TWIN

Thanks! Yeah, its been a very weird week but I think my partner and I are getting a better grip on it all.. THANK YOUS HEAPS Wish yous all the best

Saturday 06 November 04:04am

TaLiMa replied to topic a GIRLS name that goes with LILY

Always wanted to call my girl Charlotte but my sister beat me to it hahaha

Thursday 04 November 03:20am

TaLiMa started new topic a GIRLS name that goes with LILY

My partner and I just found out that instead of one baby we're actually having two! and they're both girls! The trouble is we'd only worked out one boys name and one girls name.. We're planning...

Thursday 04 November 02:38am

TaLiMa started new topic A HIDDEN TWIN

Heyy Soo, I'd been to one ultrasound at 8 weeks.. and the tech could only see one baby.. So we assumed that there was only one.. We didn't go for the 12 week one, and just yesterday at 19 weeks ...

Thursday 04 November 02:18am

TaLiMa replied to topic Small house :(

Thank yous! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way and that yous are able to deal with it well! I guess I'm just stressing over nothing. We just didn't think it was going to b...

Saturday 09 October 09:55am

TaLiMa started new topic Small house :(

I know this may sound bad, but my whole life I have lived in relatively big houses. I mean, my sister and I always had own rooms and there was always a decent sized lounge room, and an office for m...

Friday 08 October 07:47pm
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