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Kiddi replied to topic 3yr old still dribbling

hey my cuz lil girl dribbled alot when she was 2ish but grew out of it she also had difficulty with pronouncing certain sounds. Also a lady that goes to my play group has a 3 yo boy who soaks his ...

Thursday 14 July 07:51pm

Kiddi replied to topic Bras

I was told You should buy a good quality maternity bra by 16 wks, get it fitted when u buy it! and trust me even if you get larger and have to buy more ur not wasting ur money, Ur breasts will cha...

Thursday 14 July 07:40pm

Kiddi replied to topic Breastfeeding

omg my babygirl is just getting her top tooth and i am breastfeeding and it hurts! I know your supose to pull then off when they 'bite' and tell them no but the thing is its how she just latches o...

Thursday 14 July 07:25pm

Kiddi replied to topic Is it enough weight gain??

Doctors dont care bout ur weight they care bout the baby, i'm 23 weeks and have put on 2kg so far, As long as the baby is at the correct length during u/sounds and they're happy ur eating properly ...

Thursday 14 July 09:16am

Kiddi replied to topic DF wants to start smoking... Any advice?

My son is 2 1/2 and i've nagged my partner since i fell preggas to give up, he has tried several times and failed he also works long hours, with men that smoke so pretty simalar situation. I dont ...

Thursday 14 July 12:26am

Kiddi replied to topic can of worms

my opinion is this: ppl should have the right to wear what ever they want burqa's jegging tattoos peircing whatever. But making the choice to look different, may attract different attention, like k...

Wednesday 13 July 04:21am

Kiddi replied to topic wont drink formula?

i had trouble getting my bub to go from breast to bottle but a friend of mine told me about nan formula, breast milk tastes much sweeter than most formulas. but nan formula is sweeter than most oth...

Tuesday 12 July 07:25pm

Kiddi replied to topic presribed payments

yeah thanks, i have read the CSA website but was hoping for more specific answers maybe from ppl that have had experience with the third party payments. but thanks for the info.

Tuesday 12 July 06:49pm

Kiddi started new topic presribed payments

hi just wondering if antone knows about child supports prescribed payments. What can be claimed under the prescribed payments?

Monday 11 July 11:52pm

Kiddi replied to topic what to make with out of date milk?

i personally wouldve tipped it down the sink days ago. but i'm real anal with out of date dairy. never knew ppl used it afterwards. learn somethin new every day. so i'm no help to ya lol I'm wi...

Tuesday 21 June 09:06pm

Kiddi replied to topic Crying and sob stories on reality shows

totally agree!!! All that crying crap is annoying!!! and biggest Loser does it, and all the talent shows. Dancing/cooking/singing/eating was the only thing that kept me sane it was my escape from...

Tuesday 21 June 08:11pm

Kiddi replied to topic Addiction - what type of family

Windmill has very opinionated post as to who is to blame!!! i'd like to know has she ever been addicted to any drugs or taken drugs at any point. I believe that eating disorders are very different...

Tuesday 21 June 07:38pm

Kiddi replied to topic Cutting your child's hair for the first time,

When u get their hair cut it will always LOOK thicker after wards becuase ur cutting the ends off. The ends of hair grows to a point then u cut this off straight. their hair isn't actually thicker...

Tuesday 21 June 07:17pm

Kiddi replied to topic What annoys you most

My DD drives me crazy when we're out but not to the extent of yelling and abusing her. What child needs to hear that? Some people shouldn't breed. What annoys me is the little playgrounds in some...

Sunday 19 June 01:33am

Kiddi replied to topic Calling step father "dad" ok?

This has been a great read to get so many opinions, and perspectives from a huge range of personal experiences. Just wondering maybe what ppl think of the other side of the situation. My partner h...

Sunday 19 June 01:17am

Kiddi replied to topic Pressie for new dad

for my mans 1st fathers day i got him dog tags that had my sons fingerprint and his initials and yr of birth engraved. he loves it and wears it all the time. and it's a very meaningful gift, for a ...

Saturday 18 June 11:15pm

Kiddi replied to topic How many breast feeds?

It sounds like her breastfeeding is a comfort thing as she's only needing it during the night. and pushing u away during the day As long as u are providing nutritional meals during the day they do...

Saturday 18 June 09:05pm

Kiddi replied to topic No idea why this is happening, Dont know how to fix it!

DS1 has always been a great sleeper has been sleeping through since 5weeks old he's now 2 yrs old, and all of the sudden he wakes during the night crying out to myself and DF, i go in and get him ...

Saturday 18 June 01:07am

Kiddi replied to topic Step Daughter

i'm not sure if what i'm about to write will be repeating what someone else has already said, because to be honest i cant be bothered reading all the crap from ppl... But... Have you thought about ...

Sunday 12 June 03:28am

Kiddi replied to topic Help needed - I'm desperate.....

i am totally against putting him in a cold shower--- he will see this as a punishment and will prob just stop telling u when he's wet, then he may even start to see the shower/bath time as a punish...

Sunday 12 June 02:48am
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