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mileygirl replied to topic Pram Liner/Papoose Any ideas?? Reviews?? Advice

Hi, I went to a market yesteday in Mornington (Vic) and bought a "pram pouch". It's like a cross between a liner and a sleeping bag so you don't have to worry about blankets being kicked off (whic...

Tuesday 16 June 09:16am

mileygirl replied to topic CCB quarterly rebate

My understanding is that if you are eligible for a CCB % then you are eligible for the rebate. The old system used to be that if your family income was too high you weren't eligible for a CCB % (a...

Thursday 11 June 11:42am

mileygirl replied to topic dinner thread

I've got chicken cacciatore (sp) in the slowy but that might be getting reheated for tomorrow because FIL has just called to invite us up for a roast. We get lots of dinner invites from him, he's ...

Thursday 11 June 11:33am

mileygirl replied to topic best baby monitors

Hi, I have an angelcare monitor. It's a movement sensor one, tells you the room temp and has good range on it, and will start beeping if you go too far away amd lose the signal. It was a bit pric...

Sunday 07 June 06:18pm

mileygirl replied to topic What was the most useful pressie you received

A bath seat/support, the ones that are solid plastic that the baby reclines on. I purchased it myself but have bought them as gifts for others because I found it so useful when bathing DD as a new...

Sunday 07 June 06:09pm

mileygirl replied to topic which bottles/teats to get? any that mimic breast?

Hi, my DD is breastfed but has expressed milk and formula from time to time and I found the tommee tippee closer to nature bottles were the best for her. They have a wide, breast shaped teat so the...

Sunday 07 June 06:06pm

mileygirl replied to topic Too much pee!

Hi, I used to have the same problem with DD and I tried sorbies nappies, because they have a pack with day nappies and specific night nappies and found they rarely leak so maybe grab a pack of them...

Saturday 06 June 08:14am

mileygirl replied to topic accupunture

Hi, I had accupuncture to turn my DD when she was breech at 37 weeks and it worked within 2 days after only one treatment. The place I went to is in Mornington in Vic, not sure where you are, but ...

Thursday 04 June 04:57pm

mileygirl replied to topic ~OCTOBER 2008~ mums & bubs

Hi everyone, I had a bit of a heart stopper yesterday, I took a hpt (just because AF still hasn't returned and just wanted to be sure), it was a clear blue digital one and when the word 'pregnant' ...

Wednesday 03 June 06:34am

mileygirl replied to topic Advice PLEEEEASE!!!!

ok, so I went to the chemist and got a Discover One Step test and there was just 1 line so I'm guessing I have no choice but to wait until the morning to do another one, in the hope that one will p...

Tuesday 02 June 01:11pm

mileygirl started new topic Advice PLEEEEASE!!!!

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this so please bare with me, I'm a touch frantic. DP and I have a beautiful 7.5 month old DD and I'm due to return to work very soon. We've discusse...

Tuesday 02 June 10:40am

mileygirl replied to topic Septum in uterus

Hi, I don't have this issue but know someone who does and has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy, she had a scheduled CS because they wanted to get him out before he grew too big, but she h...

Monday 01 June 06:21pm

mileygirl replied to topic 2/12 year old wont poo in the toilet

Hi, my dd is only 7 months so I'm not close to that stage for a while, but I have worked in childcare for 10 years and can tell you this is perfectly normal! I see it al the time, either they do wh...

Monday 01 June 05:57pm

mileygirl replied to topic Harper - Boy name or Girl name?

Hi, I know someone who has just called their baby boy Harper, but when I heard it I thought it seemed quite a girly name for a boy. I think your middle names are both beautiful with Harper for a li...

Saturday 30 May 06:51am

mileygirl replied to topic I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!?

Hi, my DD is Miley Leigh. We liked the name Miley and knew an elderly lady with the name (spelt Maille), and obviously Miley Cyrus, which is the spelling we went for. Leigh is my middle name, aft...

Thursday 28 May 06:15pm

mileygirl replied to topic Ciara?

I know a girl with that name and she pronounces it the same as "Kira" so I'd automatically do the same if I saw someone else with that name. I love the name and that spelling but I think you would...

Saturday 23 May 06:35am

mileygirl replied to topic ~OCTOBER 2008~ mums & bubs

Wow! So many pregnancies already! I don't know how you do it! We're planning to wait a couple of years before trying for a little brother or sister for Miley. Hope you're all feeling well so far. ...

Tuesday 19 May 05:20pm

mileygirl replied to topic Child care workers in Vic

Hi, I'm a qulified and work as a director and the dip girls at my centre all get around $20-$22/hr, depending on how long they've been qualified. It will depend if your centre pays under the state...

Tuesday 19 May 07:12am

mileygirl replied to topic ~OCTOBER 2008~ mums & bubs

Hi, I think I might start introducing lunch in the next couple of weeks. I'll be going back to work at the start of July so Miley will be starting childcare and will be given lunch there so might a...

Thursday 14 May 06:26pm

mileygirl replied to topic Mums who freeze veges

Hi, I got trays with lids from Howard's Storage World for $2.95 each. I think they each make about 14 large cubes. They stack really easily too. I have about 8 trays and find they're great. Once...

Thursday 14 May 05:56pm
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