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scrappermum replied to topic Has anyone achived VBAC?

If any one is considering a VBAC or a HVBAC there are some great sites (Australian ones). With great information and correct facts and stats. Check out birthrites:healing after a caesarian. It is a...

Friday 29 October 06:17pm

scrappermum replied to topic Vaginal birth after a caesarean

All I can say is if you want to have a VBAC. THe key is research and more research there are some great books about it and I know as I have read alot of them. Also some great Australian Web sites -...

Friday 29 October 06:12pm

scrappermum replied to topic Unisex names!!

My daughters names are Murphee and Kennedy both of course coud also be used for boys!

Friday 29 October 05:59pm
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