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Tas2 replied to topic What have I forgotten?

Hi, I'd add in a roll of some super-soft toilet paper, unless you know the hospital has decent stuff! Can be nice if you end up sore or with stitches... Also, you can buy disposable undies (more co...

Saturday 05 February 01:37pm

Tas2 replied to topic Strider Plus Wheel Problems

We had our 'Strider 4' for about 18 months when it started to fail to fold/unfold as the locking mechanism on one side of the frame wouldn't work. Very frustrating. I took it back to the shop and t...

Tuesday 12 October 02:30pm

Tas2 replied to topic toddler table and chairs

ok cool. i think i am going to go for a wooden set. does anyone know where i can find the pkolino brand in australia?? We purchased a round wooden table and two chairs online from the educationa...

Tuesday 12 October 02:22pm

Tas2 replied to topic MY 16 month constantly screams!!!??

Hopefully it's just a stage...however if it doesn't get better, there's an interesting and helpful book I can recommend called 'Read this before your kids drive you crazy: battlefield wisdom for st...

Tuesday 25 May 11:36pm

Tas2 replied to topic Your Dental Care Tips

We took our 18 month old to the dentist and the dentist said we need not have bothered, since he couldn't get a good look in the mouth anyway! We had a quick chat about dental care and that was it....

Saturday 17 April 10:29pm

Tas2 replied to topic Morning/Afternoon Tea snacks

My DS is almost 12 months and eats morning and afternoon tea most days. He gets one of these: toast (buttered or with vegemite), fruit toast, yoghurt, banana, custard (home made so low in sugar), ...

Sunday 16 August 03:03pm

Tas2 replied to topic can't eat yoghurt...

Thanks all for the feedback. Interesting to hear that someone else had a similar experience.

Monday 18 May 02:29pm

Tas2 started new topic can't eat yoghurt...

My DS is 8 months and loves weetbix with full cream milk, cheddar with his veges/meat, or ricotta cheese. But if I give him yoghurt - even the baby Yoplait - he vomits it up later. I tried a little...

Saturday 16 May 05:43pm

Tas2 replied to topic My daughter is waking every 45min - 1hr during the night.

Could it be wind? I rang parenting line once with the same kind of issue, they said that if bub was arching backwards (rather than curling up) it could be wind making him scream. Not sure why it wo...

Tuesday 10 March 06:53am

Tas2 started new topic Moving house

I'm moving house soon (same city) with my 6 month old. He's been really unsettled whenever we stay at anyone else's place. At home he settles himself most of the time and sleeps pretty well at nigh...

Tuesday 10 March 06:38am

Tas2 replied to topic Sooooooo mad! Am I being stupid?

You are absolutely right to decide what foods and at what age you bub gets foods. I would be so angry if it happened to me! Stick to what you want to do. There are really good reasons for holding o...

Tuesday 10 March 06:30am
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