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sunshine* replied to topic reflux, colic, chiropractor??? pease help

we had the exact same thing. my DS is 8 weeks, and at 3 weeks was disgnosed reflux, put on s26AR. made things worse. tried Nan HA Gold. that helped for 3 days then went back to screaming all day ag...

Thursday 10 December 04:29pm

sunshine* replied to topic Bedtime battle with 3yr old

well done....we did the same. For us the day nap meant increasingly late (and increasingly hard) bedtimes...and its not really fair to expect kids to go to bed easily when they are not tired. the d...

Tuesday 17 November 11:18pm

sunshine* replied to topic what's the maximum apropriate age to have DD sleep in parents room at night?

my kids had their own rooms (adjacent to ours) from 3 mths, but have always had mum or dad come in as soon as they've needed us, and had all the comfort they needed. I just was too scared of one da...

Tuesday 17 November 11:11pm

sunshine* replied to topic Avent bottles

avent now make a BPA free one - ithas a yellow tinge to the plastic and costs about 2x the usual price. we are using these for our 3rd child. We didn't know any different with the first 2. As we a...

Monday 09 November 03:57pm

sunshine* replied to topic Child Restraint- How do you seat yours kids in the car

i got some advice on fitting 3 in, just before DS2 was born. apparently bab capsules etc arenot to be put behind drivers seats esp in newer cars - something about the drivers seats being more prone...

Monday 09 November 03:52pm

sunshine* replied to topic Baby Movements

good luck with the scan on tues i had alot of pelvic and back pain this time around (bub 3 is now 2 weeks old). there were days when i didn't feel him move alot. i started seeing a "gentle" chiro...

Monday 02 November 10:22pm

sunshine* replied to topic Strawberry Haemangioma birth marks

my first 2 children had these strawberry marks appear on their feet - both had one on their heel - after a few weeks of age. DD's was the biggest but both disappeared by the age of 2. we just had t...

Monday 02 November 10:06pm

sunshine* replied to topic **October 2009 Babies**

hi girls our little boy (Alex) was born 15th Oct, 3.1kg and 51cm. He's 3rd child - also ahve a nrly 3yoDD and 18mth DS. Just wanted to say congrats everyone! Shaina - our baby has some kidney is...

Monday 02 November 09:45pm

sunshine* replied to topic Babies Due October 2009

congrats everyone with little bundles of joy! I'm being induced Thursday with my 3rd only 3 days to go. Am 38 weeks now so was due later this mth (26th). Like a few of you I was feelin...

Tuesday 13 October 04:06pm

sunshine* replied to topic Help me choose - Im running out of time

My faves are Will and Lucas. I'd prob avoid: William & Henry - i think of the royal family princes William & Edward/Theodore - Bill & Ted - old keanu reeves movie! But most ppl prob wouldn't thin...

Saturday 10 October 05:05pm

sunshine* replied to topic Babies Due October 2009

hi ladies - wow its so exciting to see so many new babies! i am 37.5 weeks now but getting induced early as bub is too big for my pelvis, so only 8 days to go. This is my 3rd baby (will have 3 un...

Thursday 08 October 04:04pm

sunshine* replied to topic My midwife is anti pain relief!:(

One thing i've learned from this website, is that although my first 2 babies were extremely painful births despite all my efforts to have a natural birth cos i still ended up with lots of assistanc...

Thursday 08 October 03:54pm

sunshine* replied to topic Ultrasound showing both kidneys are swollen - 6mm

hi - we've been told the same. I'm 37.5 weeks and one of bub's kidneys was 13mm at 36 weeks. I've also been told that most babies are ok after antibiotics and monitoring. My OB warned me the last...

Thursday 08 October 03:44pm

sunshine* replied to topic Ob said no way to swine flu jab!!!

I've managed to dodge swine flu thru pregnancy (am 37.5 weeks now) and have 2 toddlers who have been bringing home every cough and cold they could catch. Vaccines are not a good idea when pregnan...

Thursday 08 October 03:39pm

sunshine* replied to topic Growth Scan Results - Really Worried

two of my friends went into labour at 33 weeks, each had a baby girl about 1.5kg. Both girls are now 3yo and you couldn't pick them from those that were 4kg newborns!! My DD was 2.6kg at birth (an...

Thursday 08 October 03:32pm

sunshine* replied to topic Can you ask to be induced earlier than your Due Date?

I'm seeing a private OB and even she was only keen on inducing early after we had a 36week scan to ascertain size of bub. Turns out bub is a lot bigger than my first 2, each bubby seems to be alot ...

Tuesday 06 October 06:01pm

sunshine* replied to topic Third Baby on the way.. how do I cope?

Hi- i'm the same. DD is 3 next mth (she doesnt have day naps), DS is 18mths and I'm due in 2 weeks time with #3. BOth kids have been sick most of winter with colds n flus so lots of carrying them a...

Thursday 01 October 06:10pm

sunshine* replied to topic Changing a baby's name

Another option - if you don't want to change her full name, how about giving her a nickname? I know a Antonia who is called Bella (italian so it means beautiful), a Siobhan called Bonnie (siobhan...

Thursday 01 October 05:39pm

sunshine* replied to topic Babies Due October 2009

Big congrats to those who have had your bubs.....and good luck to everyone else I was due 26th Oct but am being induced 15th. Its our 3rd bub and he's estd to be 3.8kg at birth and i only have a s...

Thursday 01 October 01:38pm

sunshine* replied to topic How long did it take you

m/c 1 - 3mths TTC m/c 2 - 1 mth TTC then took some "time off trying" DD - 12mth TTC, 1st round of Clomid DS - 1st mth TTC and preg with DS2 due very soon - 1st mth TTC So basically started the TT...

Monday 21 September 07:48pm
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