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lucas08 replied to topic need a boys name!

Hunter Hudson Presley Levi Lucas Cooper Conner Wyatt Fletcher Quade Finlay Mason Riley

Monday 14 May 08:23am

lucas08 replied to topic More worried about 1st birth or later births?

hi.. yes i was exactly the same!! Like you said, first time round you don't know what to expect, so I was so nervous about the second time. My first labour was 6 hours.. very fast and intense but b...

Saturday 12 May 12:47am

lucas08 replied to topic who else has a bub that does the power naps during the day?

hi... yes, I have a 8 week old who is a cat napper during the day. He does however, do an occasional 1 hour sleep. My first child used to do the same for the first few months, but by 4-5 months the...

Saturday 12 May 12:30am

lucas08 replied to topic Girls Names

Mikayla Tahlia Lylah Georgia Jessica Milla Kiara Tiana

Friday 23 March 05:51am

lucas08 started new topic Welcome to the world.....

ETHAN MAX... born 12 March. 8lb 1oz Super adorable!!! Big brother Lucas is also very excited PS- It looks like its been the week for new babies!

Thursday 22 March 02:39am

lucas08 replied to topic Baxter for boys name - what do you think?

LOVE IT!!!! I wanted this name for my DS1 but hubby went to high school with a guy with this surname who he hated! I was gutted Its not too common either... I'd go for it!

Sunday 11 March 09:32am

lucas08 replied to topic When should baby start to fall asleep by themselves? 4 weeks?

I totally understand I wanted the same thing because my first was very depemdent on me when it came to sleep and I didn't want my DD to be the same. But I think it is unrealistic to expect a baby ...

Saturday 10 March 07:26pm

lucas08 replied to topic Anyone with partners/husbands who work away from home

hi, my partner works in the mines. He was originally working 2 wks on, 1 off but now he is 1 on, 1 off- which is sooo much better! We have a 3yr old and I'm currently 39wks pregnant with our second...

Saturday 10 March 07:18pm

lucas08 replied to topic When did you feel your baby's first kick?

the flutters your feeling are little kicks... Some women dont even feel the flutters till after 20 wks. Obviously it depends on where exactly the baby is sitting as the how strong the movements, an...

Friday 09 March 03:13am

lucas08 replied to topic mummies who have circumcised babies?

We had DS done when he was 2weeks old. He came back crying but after a feed he was fine. Cant remember how long it took to fall off but it wsnt too long. Only thing is to be gentle when changing n...

Thursday 08 March 10:02am

lucas08 replied to topic Maternity jeans

Hi I got mine from Jeans West, and found them really comfy until the last 6 weeks, then I couldn't wear them! But looking forward to getting into them after baby is born within the next week. I thi...

Sunday 04 March 06:07am

lucas08 replied to topic Am I pregnant Already?

It only took me one month off the pill!!!! Went off it the start of May last yr, and was pregnant in June! Just about to drop my baby any day now! lol Good luck.. I hope your pregnant!

Sunday 04 March 06:02am

lucas08 replied to topic pap smear results came back with abnormal cells

Hiya, four years ago I too had abnormal cells present and they vary. the next procedure from a pap smear is a colposcopy, basically they just go a bit further and take a bit more to test. I had ...

Saturday 03 March 02:01am

lucas08 replied to topic very nervous about these pains....

Thanks girls, I'm going to go run a bath and try have a snooze. If that doesn't help I'll call the midwives. Have a nice arvo! Xx I had something similar last sunday at neary 38wks... Not pa...

Saturday 03 March 01:53am

lucas08 replied to topic Back Pain in pregnancy

Yes I would discuss it further with your doc/midwife. Also physio is great and swimming can help..

Monday 27 February 11:52pm

lucas08 replied to topic How Long?

I had been on Levlen ED for 10yrs. It took 6 months to get pregnant with DS, and only 2 months this time around. Good luck. I hope it doesn't take you very long

Monday 27 February 11:49pm

lucas08 replied to topic What would you do...

My MIL used to be the same with my DS... It was always nicknames like sweetheart, gorgeous boy or bubba. I just ended up saying that we need to make sure we refer to him by his name, so he learns w...

Monday 27 February 11:46pm

lucas08 replied to topic 'preparing for labour and birth'

I'm 38 wks with baby #2 and feeling alot like you are! I had an appointment today with my midwife and besides the raspberry leaf tea and sex, she highly recommended accupuncture! I asked one of my ...

Saturday 25 February 09:20am

lucas08 replied to topic How did u choose a middle name for your son?

Family name... it was my DP's middle name, which was after his late Uncle David. I love the idea of family names

Friday 24 February 06:51am

lucas08 replied to topic Girl Names

Wow - funny you wrote this as I loved the name Stella too and when our cousin named their daughter Ella, I had to change my mind too!! I really do like Eva but what do you think of Geneva? A litt...

Friday 24 February 06:47am
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