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xtinabee replied to topic 17 weeks pregnant and am nervous about vaginal birth' how did it go for you!

Hey I didnt have a very good VB - I had a few problems. In saying that though - I barely remember a thing! The mind just blocks it out afterwards. I know it was excruciatingly painful and I know...

Wednesday 21 October 01:09pm

xtinabee replied to topic wants to bring on labour now

I tried everything! Spicy food, walking, castor oil, sex. All I really ended up with was a really sore gut! And it turned out the sore gut was my contractions They started about 12 hours after I...

Wednesday 21 October 12:55pm

xtinabee replied to topic 39.5 weeks pregnant and have diarrhea

I had that I also had a terribly sore and crampy tummy, which I thought was from the diarrhea - but it was actually my contractions starting! I started getting the diarrhea about a week before...

Wednesday 21 October 12:52pm

xtinabee replied to topic whats your babies name???

Jacob Michael C.... 30/09/2009 =)

Wednesday 21 October 12:42pm

xtinabee replied to topic Bad births! Finding it hard to move on

Hi there I'm sorry you had bad experiences - I too had a really bad birth that I'm finding hard to get over. I agree - why dont they listen to their patients! After all - we know our bodies best, ...

Wednesday 21 October 12:39pm

xtinabee replied to topic ways to tell the gender of your baby.

Up until my 19 week scan where I found out I was having a wee boy I spent ages online taking 'old wives tale' quizzes to predict my babies gender! They were all about hair growing faster or slower,...

Wednesday 21 October 12:12pm

xtinabee replied to topic Epidule? experiences please

I went into labour very anti-epidural. I wasnt able to cope with labour pains so my midwife told me to have an 'open mind' as I wasnt going to cope without one. I am both for and against epidural -...

Wednesday 21 October 11:35am

xtinabee replied to topic Quitting Smoking - Let's Do It Together!!!

Congratulations! That is excellent I too managed to kick the habbit within a week of finding out I was pregnant. I was motivated when I read a poster at my doctors, "You have a choice, your unborn...

Monday 02 March 09:13am

xtinabee started new topic Food poisoning in early pregnancy

Hi all I went to a BBQ on Friday night for my sports team (it wasnt really something I could give miss) and ended up waking up on Saturday with suspected Salmonella... I was horrified - I had av...

Monday 02 March 09:07am

xtinabee replied to topic TWINS

Yes! Definitely! Im in week 10 at the moment and my clothes already dont fit me, my tummy is huge! People keep asking me if theres more than one in there haha. Im sure im not supposed to be showin...

Saturday 28 February 01:30pm

xtinabee replied to topic sept 09 babies

Hi Amanda Im expecting my first around the end of September, so far it has been the most exciting few weeks of my life! I cant wait to find out the sex. Its also very exciting as im only 119, so ...

Saturday 28 February 01:27pm
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