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MattsMa replied to topic Gestational Diabetes

Really great answers girls! My family has a high rate of Diabetes and though I knew it was likely with my first child that I would get GD I was devastated to find at 23 weeks that it had happened....

Friday 16 April 09:23am

MattsMa replied to topic Those whose bubs had/have reflux

My goodness you poor luv, hang in there it does get better. Our 1st had reflux diagnosed at 6 weeks but 3 doctors told me to ride it out as he was still thriving (he breastfed almost constantly and...

Thursday 08 April 11:44am

MattsMa replied to topic Is 15 months too young for a big bed?

I had the same problem with my lad from about 16 months (his cot was very noisy and he used to belt it and wake himself up). I thought he was too young to put in a bed (as everyone was telling me ...

Thursday 08 April 10:52am

MattsMa replied to topic Could you ever trust someone again fully?

You poor luv, wish I could give you a hug!! My first long term partner cheated on me constantly, it took me nearly 6 years to move on. My second serious relationship lasted nearly 4 years until...

Thursday 08 April 10:40am

MattsMa replied to topic Swine Flu Vaccine

Goodness me it just gets all too confusing when your pregnant I think! I feel very strongly that you are the only person that can make a decision regarding your own body or family. I am 20 weeks...

Wednesday 07 April 03:11am

MattsMa replied to topic No morning sickness

You are just so lucky, enjoy every second of it!! I am almost 20 wks now on my second pregnancy, I have felt seasick 24/7 since conception (with both) and it continued until about 4 weeks before I...

Tuesday 30 March 12:54pm

MattsMa replied to topic 1 YEAR - NO TEETH

I wouldn't be too worried if I was you! My little gummy man of 15 months (yes 15 months old) has only just cracked his first 2 teeth in the last 2 days. His fathers side of the family all got the...

Friday 06 March 11:08am
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