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Tyem replied to topic Mums in South Australia?

Hi there Another one from down Noarlunga way! I have an almost 3 yo boy!

Monday 27 June 04:56am

Tyem replied to topic big families(baby no7 on the way)

Oh are amazing!! I only have 1 so I am definately not a big family but justed wanted to say congratulations...I think all of you with multiples are amazing!!

Thursday 24 June 08:21am

Tyem replied to topic Calling all single mums (and dads) :)

Hi Ladies I hope you dont mind me crashing this thread, I am Emily, I will be 30 on Monday and I am the single mum of almost 2 (July 5) Tyler. I have been single since before I found out I was pre...

Thursday 24 June 06:37am

Tyem replied to topic What TV Series

I have so many!! Alias (all) Grey's Anatomy (all) Private Practice (all) Law and Order SVU (all) Law and Order Criminal Intent (S1) Miami Ink (all) Scrubs (all) Friends (all) House (S1-3) Party of...

Saturday 20 February 08:20am

Tyem replied to topic Does anyone know?

1. I paid my rent 2 weeks in advance too, I paid my next rent exactly 2 weeks after...all i can guess is you paid your 2 weeks rent, say on a monday, and then you next rent was on like the thurs t...

Sunday 14 February 05:44pm

Tyem started new topic Who is the oldest Mummy?

Who is the oldest Mummy on here and how old were you when you had your last?? Just curious...I have a DS and think maybe I will want more...big maybe...but being that I am single makes it difficul...

Sunday 14 February 12:27pm

Tyem replied to topic Who else

Yeah I do...I have nothing to do so I cooked DS some meatloaf for tonight and thought well i better make sure it is ok so i had a meatloaf sandwich...was i hungry no...was it good...oh yeah best ev...

Sunday 14 February 12:20pm

Tyem started new topic Brand name v cheap brand

Just a quick and probably dumb question... What is the difference between brand name and non brand name grocery items?? I normally buy brand name, especially for DS, to be on the safe side but wi...

Sunday 14 February 10:39am

Tyem replied to topic size 3 boys suit

I am looking for a suit too (size 2) I went to David Jones and they had some really nice suits...smallest they had there was a size 3, It was really cute and you can buy the jacket separate, it was...

Saturday 13 February 07:03am

Tyem replied to topic Any single mums in SA

Hi Tania I am at Morphett Vale so not that far away and I would love to meet up sometime...its hard when none of my friends have kids let alone be a single parent!! Cheers Emily

Monday 08 February 07:41pm

Tyem started new topic Please help...

Does anyone know where I could find a black long sleeve shirt for my son for a wedding (if I oculd find a tie too that would be great)...he is size 2, I have had a look at a few local shops but can...

Sunday 07 February 07:52am

Tyem replied to topic And they have done it again

Dont worry I am a horrible mum too, I would put my child in on christmas eve if needed too!! As for a day off for Cup day...bit silly....wish my work closed so we could have a drink...unfortunate...

Saturday 06 February 04:44pm

Tyem replied to topic weight loss

Dimity that is an awesome result!!! I haven't weighed myself....the week started well, treadmill, fairly healthy food but the last couple of days not so good!! Keep it up and keep us updated!!

Saturday 06 February 04:21pm

Tyem started new topic How would you feel???

Most of my family lives in rural NSW, me, my brother and Dad are here in SA, my brother and his DF are getting married Easter long weekend and obviously everyone in NSW is invited. My brother and h...

Friday 05 February 02:43pm

Tyem replied to topic Whats ur Fav TV Shows

I love so many!! *greys *private practice *Law and order (all of them) *CSI (all of them) *NCIS *Keeping up with the Kardashians *How I met your mother *Scrubs *Alias (when it was on - all on dvd ...

Thursday 04 February 08:30pm

Tyem replied to topic Muesli Slice

Just replying for later use too!!

Monday 01 February 07:07pm

Tyem started new topic What have you learnt the hard way???

Tonight DS, 18 months, had spaghetti bolognaise for tea and insisted on feeding himself with a spoon, needless to say spaghetti and tomato sauce is everywhere...his face, his lap, the high chair, t...

Monday 01 February 04:19pm

Tyem replied to topic Elmo themed birthday party...

I am sure you will find something but if not the website for here is I just had a quick look and they have heaps and they do deliver up there for about 20 bucks.

Monday 01 February 08:02am

Tyem replied to topic Elmo themed birthday party...

I havent had one but my DS turns 2 in July and is obsessed with Elmo too!! I have seen some Elmo stuff at Big W but that was last year. What state are you in because in SA we have a really good par...

Monday 01 February 07:50am

Tyem replied to topic weight loss

Welcome to everyone!! Just a friendly reminder 'Biggest Loser' starts tonight as does mine and everyone else journey to weightloss!! Just want to wish everyone all the best and hopefully there wi...

Monday 01 February 07:47am
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