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gila39 replied to topic menstruation after stopping breastfeeding

I have asked obst and apparently everyone is different, can be a few weeks after birth even when feeding or not until you have stopped feeding. with both of mine it was when they were 13 months and...

Thursday 21 June 10:17pm

gila39 replied to topic Need name ideas =) to suit this lastname; Henderson.

An English surname would suit traditional English names such as Sophie, Matilda, or Paul, Sean

Thursday 21 June 10:11pm

gila39 replied to topic July 2008 babies

Hi All Our little girl Sophia Rose was born on 24 July 2008 at 6:52 pm. She is trying to crawl, breastfed, has 2 meals a day and is a joy! For sleep issues perhaps chat to your maternal chidl hea...

Saturday 07 March 07:30pm
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