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craigmeg replied to topic Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 22nd January 2014

1. Accept offers of help. 2. Only listen to advice you want, politely ignore the rest. 3. Enjoy it!

Wednesday 22 January 09:40am

craigmeg replied to topic Anyone else had a silent birth?

My sister in law has had four children and she hasn't had one labour yet!! Her waters break out of the blue and she needs to push. Her deliveries have gotten faster and faster with the last ba...

Friday 22 February 04:36pm

craigmeg replied to topic Id love to read some positive birth stories!

I have had three labours and no interventions, minimal drugs and three healthy babies. The first one was a bit of a shock only because the feelings are all new and nothing you have experienced befo...

Friday 22 February 04:25pm

craigmeg replied to topic not eating and losing weight

I would go back to the doctors or even a different doctor. That seems like too much weight loss to ignore. Ask for a referral to a pediatrician. Good luck.

Tuesday 29 November 12:22am

craigmeg replied to topic diane contraceptive pill

Yep take your script for Diane to the pharmacy and ask for generic brand. Same stuff but cheaper.

Saturday 22 October 08:39am

craigmeg replied to topic A question about breastfeeding..

I have large boobs and had some trouble getting the latch right. I found the classic BF hold didn't suit as the breast was too heavy for a newborn. I found that propping the baby up on pillows and ...

Monday 17 October 07:55am

craigmeg replied to topic Things your children say

My parents used to run a preschool and sometimes at the beginning of the year it was hard to remember all the parents names. They would ask the kid "what's mums name?' and get MUMMY as a reply. The...

Tuesday 11 October 01:22am

craigmeg replied to topic Just given my 7mo a dummy? is it silly to start now

I always say do what works. The worst thing that could happen is you will have a bad week when you decide to take the dummy away at an older age, but if it has given you months/ a year of good slee...

Thursday 01 September 06:03am

craigmeg replied to topic Forrest..

If the kids don't know about the quote it will only take one stupid parent to use the quote in front of their kids and yep sorry to say I think they will get the "run Forrest, run!".

Friday 19 August 11:04pm

craigmeg replied to topic Just need help

You are not alone. Not everyone has an instant bond with their baby. With DS1 I was struggling to adjust to being a mum and it took time to fall in love with him like I thought I should. You could...

Thursday 18 August 07:00am

craigmeg replied to topic newborn terrified of the bath

Have you considered a shower. My babies liked to go in the shower with dad. They felt more secure being held tightly but could still be washed. If baby likes shower then you can try the bath later.

Sunday 14 August 07:17am

craigmeg replied to topic Does baby need private health insurance cover?

I think it depends on where you live. If you are in a major city that has a childrens hospital then maybe you wouldn't need to. If the baby may need to be transfered to a major hospital by ambulanc...

Tuesday 09 August 12:41am

craigmeg replied to topic YOUR OPINIONS

I agree with everyone else. We live in Australia and a hat should be compulsory ALL year. The only part of the policy that could or should be debated is what each center does when a child doesn't b...

Thursday 04 August 04:47am

craigmeg replied to topic some advice / help please

I have two boys who are exactly the same and I have tried almost everything. Relaxation tapes, stories, black out roller shutters, looking at diet and considereing medical therapies. When none of t...

Thursday 04 August 04:39am

craigmeg replied to topic 13 month old walking on tiptoes

mine didn't do this but you might consider seeing a physio who desls with kids and babies to get it checked out. Good luck.

Thursday 04 August 04:22am

craigmeg replied to topic 3 wheel pram V 4 wheel pram

I have both because I bought a four wheeler for my first but then needed the toddler seat and couldn't get one to fit. The 3 wheeler is much lighter to steer, has better handling and for walking ou...

Sunday 05 June 12:56am

craigmeg replied to topic baby swings

I have had two (because we got rid of everything when we thought we weren't having any more bubs). Both have been the Fisher Price that just swing back and fowards. The older model was better in my...

Friday 20 May 12:00am

craigmeg replied to topic Stroller Life Expectancy??

Ours has done 3 children over 7 years now. Between children it was in storage and I take it out and scrub it with liquid soap and a scrubbing brush. Wash it off well with the hose and leave it in t...

Thursday 19 May 11:51pm

craigmeg replied to topic Post Natal Depression

I did twice. I put up with it for a year the first time and it really impacted on how I was as a mother. Then got help, medication and support group. Although I clearly needed the medication again ...

Thursday 12 May 02:13am

craigmeg replied to topic more ?? from DS1

my boys were 3 and 5 when the last one was born and when they asked I told the that mummies have a special hole near their bottom that babies come out of. It was simple and they just said OK, and t...

Thursday 05 May 11:57pm
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