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I worked for NSW Health and they strongly recommend you get the flu jab because the risk of complications of the flu are greater for pregnant women. I had mine at 10 weeks and had no problems. My GP was also strongly in favour of getting it but like all immunisations it always creates debate. roll eyes

If he starts again I would send dad in. My DS was 7 months when I started to send dad in, I didn't want him to cry but he wouldn't stop screaming without boobie. My husband rocked him to sleep the first night and rocked him for 5 minutes the second night and within a week he could just walk in give a few pats and walk out again. It got better with each night. I know it sounds like less work for mum and just more for dad but within a week and a half he was sleeping very well again and we didn't have to go through the heart break of "controlled crying".

Hi, Not sure how big you mean by big boobs but I can't get anything in a G cup from Bras and Things. If you live anywhere close enough to get to Sydney or Brisbane they both have specialty shops to fit large bras and it is worth the trip (but can be expensive). If you are buying online try as you can return to them if the fit is not right and they have a good range in all sizes. I have had no problems exchanging or refunding from them.

I flew alot with DS1 when he was younger and found most airlines will take the car seat and strollers for free. I also strongly suggest something to suck on take off and landing as DS has trouble with pressure in his ears and if I forget the lollipops he screamed all the way up and all the way down. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

I've also had Implanon without any side effects at all. I didn't even have a period for 12 months the first time I had one. Had another one between my boys and had perfectly regular periods and no problems. I think you just have to be prepared to give it a go and see what happens for you. I have never had a Mirena personally but have had two sisters in law who have beoth had their taken out within 6 months due to bad side effects.

I have also been told that the Champions Wind mixture is the best thing to use for babies with wind. Most of the doctors in the Wollongong area will suggest it. For those looking for it, you can only get it at Blooms the Chemist Woonona (42854500)but they will post it to you. The pharmacist there makes it himself. For anyone having baby wind problems I would suggest you give it a try.

I have never seen the point in trying to fight with a two year old over food (I never seem to win). I am much more likely to hide things and as a mother of an older child I have come to realise they will grow out of it. I would try adding fresh fruit puree to the youghurt or custard and very gradually increasing the fruit content or making bigger lumps of fruit. See if she will snack or dry fruit (I know not a first choice). I think the most important point is that she is getting the vitamins and while it is frustrating to have to puree, if she's eating it it's still good for her.

When my boys were in that stage I cut everything we were eating into small pieces and put it directly onto the tray of the high chair. They ate with fingers but managed to get enough into their mouths. Noodles, cheese cubes, cooked vegie sticks, even mince can be eaten with fingers. If he insists on a fork try having a few forks on the go at once, then you can stab the food onto the fork before handing it to him to put in his own mouth. Not sure if any of that will help. Good luck.