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Have you considered a shower. My babies liked to go in the shower with dad. They felt more secure being held tightly but could still be washed. If baby likes shower then you can try the bath later.

I think it depends on where you live. If you are in a major city that has a childrens hospital then maybe you wouldn't need to. If the baby may need to be transfered to a major hospital by ambulance or air ambulance and you don't have any sort of concession card you may have a huge bill. My DS2 needed an operation for an abcess when a few months old and because we were private patients (in a country town) the peadiatrician gave us his private mobile number and organised the op that day, we were told it is likely we would have had to wait longer without insurance.

I agree with everyone else. We live in Australia and a hat should be compulsory ALL year. The only part of the policy that could or should be debated is what each center does when a child doesn't bring a hat. I think it is a bit harsh for preschoolers to be sat out of play because their mum/dad forgot the hat but some centers sight hygiene as an issue for "school hats". Some of the solutions above would deal with this problem nicely.

I have two boys who are exactly the same and I have tried almost everything. Relaxation tapes, stories, black out roller shutters, looking at diet and considereing medical therapies. When none of that made any difference I came to the conclusion that it was their body clock and I wasn't going to be able to change it. Their dad doesn't need much sleep either. Now they must be in their bed by 8:30 and loose a tick on their reward chart if they get out for no reason. They are often still awake an hour or an hour and a half later. I let them sleep as late as I can to try and make sure they get enough sleep but my oldest naturally wakes up at 7 am anyway. His brother will ofter sleep until after 8am. It is very frustrating to me as I need as much sleep as them to feel good but I can't seem to change it so I decided to go with the flow. Hope you can find a way to work it out for your family.

mine didn't do this but you might consider seeing a physio who desls with kids and babies to get it checked out. Good luck.

I have both because I bought a four wheeler for my first but then needed the toddler seat and couldn't get one to fit. The 3 wheeler is much lighter to steer, has better handling and for walking outside on uneven ground wins hands down. Having said that the 3 wheeler is very wide, bigger to fold up and doesn't fit through a standard checkout at my local Coles. My four wheeler has never tipped like the 3 wheeler , is easier to fit in the boot and can have more things safely hanging off the handle but needs two hands to push it and I would never try to run with it. It really depends on your life style and what you want to do with it.

I have had two (because we got rid of everything when we thought we weren't having any more bubs). Both have been the Fisher Price that just swing back and fowards. The older model was better in my opinion because it didn't have a moulded piece of plastic between the legs like the newer model has. I could put the boys in it wrapped up and they often slept in it for the first 6 months if they were unsettled. The one I have now is almost the same except the difference in the seat shape but my DD hasn't really liked to sleep in it like her brothers did. Both of mine were second hand and worked just fine. I love them but probably wouldn't spend the money on a new one. If you are anywhere near Wollongong I am about to sell mine.

Ours has done 3 children over 7 years now. Between children it was in storage and I take it out and scrub it with liquid soap and a scrubbing brush. Wash it off well with the hose and leave it in the sun to dry. Always comes up well. If the one you are been given has no obvious faults, give it a scrub and enjoy not having to spend money on a new one.

I did twice. I put up with it for a year the first time and it really impacted on how I was as a mother. Then got help, medication and support group. Although I clearly needed the medication again after the second one it was not as bad as I didn't leave it as long to get help. I was embarrassed to tell people, felt like a terrible mother but when I did tell family and friends they were great, should have done it sooner. If you go for help and don't get it you, really need to go somewhere else. The GP, community health centre or psychologist. Good luck.

my boys were 3 and 5 when the last one was born and when they asked I told the that mummies have a special hole near their bottom that babies come out of. It was simple and they just said OK, and that ended the questions. My neighbour tried to tell her son, who was 6, that the baby comes out the mothers belly button and that freaked him out. I say go with the truth or a soft version of it.