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I live by the moto that any baby behaviour is only a problem if you don't want to do it any more. I fed my first to sleep because I found it easier and he loved it. When you don't want to do it anymore contact your local child health nurse or one of the advice lines and discuss strategies to change it. Don't ever feel guilty because "THEY SAID" you should or shouldn't do something, you are his mum and will do your best for him.

I would bring it up with the teacher at the meeting and if you are not happy with her response I would make an appointment with the head master. My son attends public school and his teacher in Kindy had no trouble finding readers at the approriate level for all the kids in the class, if some kids needed it she sent them to the year 1 or 2 classroom to borrow from them. Good luck.

So it's still a week til Im due to OV ( my ticker is wrong) and I've done 3 tests already. I don't tell my partner I just sneakily do them. I know it'll prob be BFN but can't help myself. Guess I'm just wondering for the rest of you who love testing do you do it in secret too or do you tell you partner ??? I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do this! I get nuts!

Hi Ladies, I bought a stack of the Ebay OV strips (about 100) as I was going to start charting my cycle. I never got to use any as I fell pregnant that So I'm not needing them anymore, does anyone want them? I'm quite happy to post them to anyone that wants a few I never used them, but as far as I have heard they work fine! Just let me know!! I don't need any OV strips but CONGRATULATIONS!

I know exactly what you mean. We had two boys and when I was expecting our third I would have been just as happy for another boy but people just couldn't SHUT UP about it. I refused to find out what sex the third one was because my theory was no one gets disappointed when they see a super cute new born. I feel your frustration but there isn't much you can do about people and their stupid comments. I had one old lady at church tell me she was praying for me to have a girl, I think it was devine intervention that stopped me from slapping her. Turned out it was a girl and I was truely in shock, I had my mind made up it was a boy. They are all beautiful in the end.

My husband shared a house with a phantom pooper at uni. The guy never flushed just left it there for all to see EVERY TIME and noone could figure out who it was. Maybe he can to visit this poor unsuspecting guy and left him a gift in the shower?

Hi, I'm not on here enough to know who you are but I just wanted to say GOOD ON YOU. I hope your fresh start is wonderful for you and your DS.

I say go with Ashlyn, they are both nice. Depends on how close you are to your niece becuase if you have alot to do with them then Charlotte is a little too close to Scarlotte.

I have used the parachoc and if they are really backed up it can take a few days of regular doses to work. It worked really well for my DS and I believe you can hide it in stuff but it may block some of the nutrient absorption of that food as it coats the stomach and bowel with the parafin.

No don't worry. At only three hours a week it will take him a little while to settle in and know the rules.