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I like Ruby Mai or Logan James.

If a big hug from a stranger will help......I'm sending one.

the thing with implanon is you can have it taken out by the GP at any time if you are having bad side effects. I have had three now (between babies) and have had no trouble. A few pimples is the extent. With the first one and current one I had no bleeding at all and with the second implant only light bleeding. Talk to the doctor and get his/her advice but as I said if you try it and don't like it the worst you have is two small spots scars on the inside of your arm.

I totally agree with TD5F36. You are much more likely to be the one living with and caring for this baby. Maybe you could use his family name as a middle name (depending on what it is).

It is cruel and in some states illegal to use shock collars on animals. You can be charged by the RSPCA. The electric fence may work but she will probably learn how to beat it. If all the neighbours let their dogs roam you could address the poo issue by offering to pick it up yourself. If your other neighbour stops feeding her you will have a better chance of her returning home. Any chance you could swap dogs with your parents for a while? Hope it works out for you.

I'd wait until he comes around because if you are crying on the phone he may not really be able to understand what's going on. You've just got to start with "your mum called and she has some really bad news....." There is no easy way to say it and I'm sorry for you all.

have you discussed your concerns with your midwife? They might be able to refer you to the social worker at your hospital who may be able to offer some support. It would be terrible for you to spend the rest of your preg with this anxiety. I really hope you feel better/positive soon.

If you are happy with the standard of hygiene in the home it comes for then sure 2nd hand is fine.

My first midwife greeted us at the door to the maternity ward with "drop your knickers and dignity at the door and collect them on the way out" was soooo true.

DS2 was almost 3 and 1/2 before he could get the colours right. I asked my optomitrist if he could be colour blind and he said not to worry until 4.