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the answer to your question is yes, all mothers (atleast the good ones) feel they could or should do things better. In reality you are probably doing a wonderful job and let me assure you a lunch of toast and tuna is not bad at all. When I don't want to fight with DS I tell him to make his own meal if what we are having is so "yucky". He is 6 and will then eat Weetbix nad Nutrigrain with milk for his dinner. It hasn't harmed him yet so I try not to feel guilty but sometimes you just need to let it go becuase the fighting is just too hard.

I like the salt and pepper shakers, I don't think they are tacky. The photos of your kids are also a good idea, you can make small photo books at K-mart, Officeworks or online. I hope your kids really enjoy the visit (annoying your ex can just be a bonus).

most honest parents will tell you they have had a baby fall off something, get dropped or injured. While we all feel we should have known better, it happens to msot of us atleast once. If you are worried take baby to the GP or even hospital, but if in a few hours they seem normal then don't worry too much.

If I were you I wouldn't put the stress on you or your DD of trying to go out in undies yet. I would put her in pull ups while she is out until she gets the hang of it at home. I would also ask day care before you send her in undies, some are really open to helping you while others will not be pleased. However sitting on the toilet with the other kids at daycare may help the situation. I know it is hard (I've done it twice and once more to go) but I don't feel it has to be all or nothing with toilet training. When you are home and relaxed put the undies on and when you are out or too busy to clean up puddles put pull ups or nappes on. If it becomes too stressful for you it will just be more of a struggle for your daughter. Good luck

Hi, I have had three labours and while the first two were not too bad, they were not great (14 hours with pethadine and gas). With my third I wanted to be on my own, so I sat in my loungeroom in the dark trying to breath and relax. I was in a sort of trance (even think I fell asleep between some contractions) and the time went really quickly and the pain was manageable. When I felt I was going to lose the control I had then I woke my husband to take me to the hospital and baby was born within a few minutes, no intervention or drugs at all. I know people want support but I just had this really strong feeling that the baby and I could do this together in a peaceful relaxed way. It couldn't have gone better until we were locked outside the front of the hospital as I was about to deliver the baby (we got in with about 30 seconds to spare). Hope your next experience is more positive.

good on you, sounds like you have done a great job! Now relax with huggies mums.

I am currently at 5 months with my third and I still can't remember when the others did things. It does come back. You remember the things you want to do and things you won't do the same again.

I wouldn't worry if baby is settled and quiet I would leave her there for a little while. You might find she will fall asleep herself if left quietly. If no sleep then quiet rest might refresh her. As long as she is not getting upset it seems fine to me.

The very first thing to do is to get your current good psychiatrist to contact someone in the new town who can take over your care. It might be a good idea to make a trip to see them before the move so you can see if you like them while you still have the support of your current Dr. All the stress and the birth hormones mean you will need that support straight away. The second thing I would do is contact the community health centre/baby health nurse in the suburb you will be going to and ask about new mothers groups. The support from other first time mums in the town could be really good and if your baby is not born in the new town you may not get a referral from the hospital to a group. It really would be worth seeking out a group. Good luck, I hope it all goes well.

Don't worry yet. I would book a GP appointment for next week so that if things haven't improved you can see someone about it. If she is not upset try not to stress yourself too much.