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I'm sorry I don't know what this is but I think you should see your doctor to get checked out. How you get better soon.

In Breastfeeding... Naturally, the ABAs own book it says it is fine. Page 166 "Chilled milk can be added to frozen or previously-chilled milk as long as the container is returned immediately to the freezer or refrigerator." So it sounds like you should chill seperately but can then tip them together. Hope this helps.

I currently have an 11 day old baby who is my third. My first two would never feed for more than 10 minutes and they only took one side each feed. This little one feeds for much longer and likes both sides. Seems they are all different. If she is sleeping and having wet nappies, I wouldn't worry. If you still feel a bit concerned try keeping a written list of her feed times and sleep times for a few days and then take the list to your local baby health nurse and ask her what she thinks.

do not buy another thing!!!!!!!!!!!! You will get given 4 times this much from family and friends. Especially don't buy any more 00000, unless you are expecting to deliver early your baby may never fit into 5x0 suits. Good luck with you baby and do try to resist spending money on all the cute things now. Think about saving it for when you know what gender the baby is.

hi, I have been both a biological child in a foster family (it was a long time ago now) and became a social worker who has worked for DOCS (NSW child protection). Other people have mentioned the potential heartbreak and the potential joys of fostering and you will find you get a good dose of both. In terms of jealously and other children the only point I would like to add is, consider what you want your children to learn off the foster children. When I was a child my parents only ever fostered children younger than us. The reason for this was that many of the children come with emotional challenges and some extremely bad behaviour. It is much easier to explain/ demonstrate to your own children why a smaller child is behaving in a way not acceptable to our family than it is to stop them following the example of an older child with poor behaviour. If there is more than one fostering agency in your area talk to them all. They think they need to interview you but it is equally importa...

Sit your DH in front of the computer and make him read your post. If you don't try to make him see how you feel you will stay stressed and angry for ages. I also think he owes you ATLEAST a weekend away with a friend/sister/mum.

Put bubs name down NOW with a few different places, that way you can choose closer to the time you want to go back to work. Family daycare can be a good option for small group care but check with them in your local area what happens if your carer gets sick. I had to take time off every time my carer was sick and when she had an accident they didn't have a place with another carer so I was stuffed. If you look at childcare centres ask friends or people at work where they would recommend. Also look up accreditation standards in your state. Cost really varies and depends on what you can get back in government benefits. Contact Centerlink to ask about Child care benefit and tax rebates. Full fees in our area are about $80 a day but most working families get about half that back through govenment rebates.

I had two who would not take anything but breastmilk direct from me. I tried all the cups and spouts but they wouldn't have it. One day my mum had a straw and put her thumb on the end so it held just a sip in the straw, she put it in DS mouth and let it go. I was amazed he didn't spit it out so she tried again. It took him about 5 minutes to learn to suck a straw and he would then drink out of it with no trouble. He was about 6 months at the time. I never had spout/ sippy cups with the second just taught him to use a straw and then could buy the super cheap cup with straw lid from the supermarket. I would probably try to teach him to use a straw/spout/sippy at 6 1/2 months and if you think it's the flavour of formula he doesn't like teach him the skill using water or something else. Then when he can use the cup try to introduce the formula. Good luck.

haven't had a cesarean myself but if you think you will have enough help at home to manage the recovery with three children I would consider it. The other two births sound stressful and you will worry all the way through this labour about how it will progress. If you don't have great help at home consider the induction as early as dr will do it. Hope all goes well.

don't know what it is from the photos but if she has a temp or sore neck I would consider taking her to the hospital to get checked out. I may be a bit hard for you to tell if there are any other symptoms as she is already sick. Keep a close eye on her and I hope she is better soon.