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tam1111 started new topic How do you make the birthday child feel extra special?

Hi, DS1's birthday is coming up soon and I am quite excited as this year he will be two and he will understand that it is a special day for him. I can't have a party for him so I'm trying to th...

Thursday 15 September 08:44am

tam1111 started new topic Birthday Cake for DD

I would like to make an Iggle Piggle birthday cake for DD who is turning 2 in November (I have no idea where the time went- two already!). Does anyone know of a recipe, I have the womens weekly b...

Wednesday 14 September 07:00am

tam1111 started new topic Any Brissy mums having Vodafone coverage problems

I'm not sure if it's just me but I have had no mobile coverage this evening. Has anyone else had the same problem? It's so frustrating!!

Wednesday 31 August 06:26am

tam1111 replied to topic where to go for a family holiday?

Hello, have you been to Port Stephens/ Nelson Bay before? Its such a beautiful place, very family friendly and there is lots to do Its also beach and country.

Wednesday 24 August 05:04am

tam1111 replied to topic whats your favourite tv show??

I love True Blood also enjoy watching Winners and Losers and Criminal Minds

Wednesday 17 August 05:11am

tam1111 replied to topic Anyone else's toddler obsessed wirth Dora?

My 22 month old DS really loves In the Night Garden and Bananas In Pyjamas. Is Dora on TV or do you have DVD's of the show? I haven't seen it but I have seen all the Dora merchandise!!

Wednesday 17 August 05:09am

tam1111 replied to topic Weaning baby from breast feeding

Hi Tam, When I stopped feeding DS#1 my body weight dropped but my boob size stayed the same, they just didnt fill anymore:) I seem to flick between DD and D, depending on where I am with breastfe...

Wednesday 10 August 04:27am

tam1111 started new topic Weaning baby from breast feeding

Hi, I've recently weaned my DD and I'm wondering how long it takes for breast size to reduce. I want to buy some new underwear but not sure if it will be a waste of money if I get them now and the...

Wednesday 10 August 02:48am

tam1111 replied to topic Share your bday cake successes

My latest creation.... Wow, your cake looks fantastic! How did you make the tyres? Where did you buy the little construction site pieces? My son loves trucks, I'd like to have a go at making on...

Monday 08 August 07:48am

tam1111 replied to topic those who are or have studied nursing

where have you studied? is it online or distance? and roughly how much does it cost etc want to study nursing but not sure where to start looking... i have a cert III in aged care 12mths ago an...

Sunday 07 August 07:00am

tam1111 replied to topic Buying a laptop????

I always buy Apple Mac as they rarely have any problems and you get great IT support from them. They are a bit more expensive but well worth the money. You can get many different programs. Have ...

Saturday 30 July 05:52pm

tam1111 started new topic Anyone live in Upper Coomera area?

Just wondering what people think of the area. It looks like we may be moving there at the end of the year and heard that it can be little 'rough'. Does anyone have kids that go to school there? A...

Tuesday 26 July 07:59am

tam1111 replied to topic Savings account for kids

Check out I set both of my kids up with these accounts when they were two months old. It's east to transfer money online from whichever bank account you have and it appa...

Tuesday 26 July 07:54am

tam1111 started new topic 19 month old obsessed with Dad

I'm just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation or has any ideas about what I can do. My DS is normally pretty well behaved. He takes direction well, goes down for naps/ bedtime with minim...

Thursday 07 July 12:13am

tam1111 replied to topic slightly silly question

When I had mine I just wore comfy clothes like trackpants and a top. I also had to be there at 7am both times and found that after I arrived at the hospital time went really quickly. They got me ...

Sunday 03 July 03:12pm

tam1111 replied to topic Wearing cheaper nappies help in TT

I have just spent the last 5 days TT my nearly 20 month old DS (he was really interested so I thought I'd see how he went) and I just went "cold turkey" without nappies during the day. I got him s...

Wednesday 22 June 07:37am

tam1111 started new topic How much does you family spend

I was reading the responses to the previous post about grocery shopping and it got me thinking about how much my family spends on groceries and what we buy. For my family of four we budget $275 a ...

Saturday 18 June 06:22am

tam1111 replied to topic stretch marks

Definitely use Bio Oil. I used it throughout my first pregnancy and got hardly any stretch marks. Didn't use it for the second and got quite a few.

Tuesday 14 June 10:54pm

tam1111 replied to topic Heidi and others

I LOVE Heidi Josephine. Beautiful name although I am a little biased as my DD is Heidi Ella

Sunday 12 June 06:39am

tam1111 replied to topic Am I too judgemental and stereotyping?

I feel very strongly about people smoking around children, it is just plain wrong as the innocent child does not have any choice about inhaling that toxic secondhand smoke. I feel particularly dis...

Saturday 04 June 08:03am
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