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MrsBishi replied to topic Why does parenting have to be a competition?

My 2 cents - I think that "the competition" concept is largely how the recipient perceives comments too. It's not JUST the one asking the questions. For example, in our mums group we have 9 fantast...

Sunday 23 September 07:59pm

MrsBishi replied to topic Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! 19 Sept 2012

1. My favourite baby shower gift for my second baby was some lamaze toys as they captivated BOTH of my children. It's lovely to have toys that the older sibling can play with the baby with! 2. In ...

Sunday 23 September 07:44pm

MrsBishi replied to topic healthy boy

My DS has been at daycare for 9 months now and he NEVER gets sick (touch wood). He is also around his cousin who is 4 months older and is PERMANENTLY sick. Some kids just have a better immune syst...

Friday 12 November 07:32am

MrsBishi replied to topic Bully at one!!!!!

I agree - your child is NOT a bully! Some women annoy me no end! IMO your child has indicated that she is unhappy and her child has not recognised the signs so she reacted the only way a baby knows...

Thursday 23 September 02:57am

MrsBishi replied to topic Always throwing his toys!!!!!!!!

My DS is the same. Usually he is throwing them towards me or a carer as he is wanting to 'play' and this is his version of passing the toy. Generally we just make him go and pick it up himself, bu...

Thursday 23 September 02:54am

MrsBishi replied to topic daycare for toddler

You might need to have a chat with the carers. You would be surprised how many great ideas they have as they have usually seen it all!

Thursday 23 September 02:50am

MrsBishi replied to topic Toddlers & hitting animals

Is she really hitting them or just patting them? I ask this because my DS who is 18 mths tries to pat our dogs but to someone else it would really look like he was hitting them! Also, he tries to s...

Wednesday 22 September 11:23pm

MrsBishi replied to topic Moving to a "big girl bed"

I haven't done it yet myself (my DS is 18mths old) but my sister had a little girl so she took her shopping and let her pick out her own linen for her fancy new big girl bed. She was so excited sh...

Wednesday 22 September 11:20pm

MrsBishi replied to topic My 15 months DS has really bad Eczema only on his FACE

my DS gets sorborreic dermatitis around his mouth. Everyone tells me its eczema but 2 different docs agree on diagnosis. Treatment - cortisone cream daily until it stops appearing! so far he's bee...

Wednesday 22 September 11:16pm

MrsBishi replied to topic how old is too old? when should the door be shut?

I would love to be able to shut the door! My DS is 18 months old and throws a huge tantrum if I go to the toilet and close the door. So i left the door open for a while to calm him. Now as soon as ...

Wednesday 22 September 11:06pm

MrsBishi replied to topic kissing on the lips

i kiss my DS on the lips ALL the time. He has started running up to me while playing, giving me a quick kiss and running back to what he was doing. SO CUTE! I don't see the issue and I know that h...

Wednesday 22 September 10:59pm

MrsBishi replied to topic The whole sharing/take turns activity

my approach would be to emphasise the sharing concept. However, not just for your child! If my DS is playing with a toy and his cousin (who is 4 wks older!) wants it then I say 'no, XYZ is playing ...

Wednesday 22 September 10:56pm

MrsBishi replied to topic Using public toilets!

I wouldn't stress about it. But then I would never take my DS to a "public" toilet, ie those toilet blocks in the middle of the street! I would go to the local Myer store, or the parenting rooms wh...

Saturday 24 April 08:44am

MrsBishi replied to topic How long?

I had DS at 4pm on the Wed and at 7am on thur they asked me if I wanted to go home! lol I said no, I planned to stay until Friday. They won't kick you out unless they are DESPERATE for the beds. T...

Saturday 24 April 08:32am

MrsBishi replied to topic What age to start a routine?

I put my DS on a routine at 6 months once his sleep cycle started to change and he wasn't getting the right amount of sleep a day. Prior to this he had put himself on a great routine but then got s...

Saturday 24 April 08:20am

MrsBishi replied to topic ne one out there who dosnt agree with thier partners style of parenting?

I think the common thread here is communication. My DH and I had very lengthy conversations before we got pregnant, during the pregnancy and at least once a month about how we want to parent, deal ...

Saturday 24 April 08:05am

MrsBishi replied to topic Time Out Advice

KUDOS! I am a BIG advocate of time out! My DS is 13 months so haven't had to introduce it yet as he responds to no really well at the moment. I plan to introduce it at about 18 months. My understa...

Saturday 24 April 07:52am

MrsBishi replied to topic I can't take it away. ( DUMMY)

Hi Huggies Girls. My boy is 22 months old he goes to day care 2 days a week. Going well at day care he has no dummy for sleep time. But home if I try not give it to him the starts crying & I give...

Saturday 24 April 07:37am

MrsBishi replied to topic Nintendo DS

As the title reads, what is the difference between the DS, DSI, DS Lite? Thanks essentially they are the same. the DS was the first model which was then upgraded by the ds lite. Which means it h...

Saturday 24 April 07:21am

MrsBishi replied to topic 15 mnth old not walking

My DS started walking at 12 mths (he is 12 mths now) but he wasn't crawling AT ALL until 9 months and then rarely. He wasn't showing much interest in moving at all. Then one day he just decided he ...

Tuesday 23 March 07:24am
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