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kaiser19 replied to topic Calling step father "dad" ok?

The child will decide for himself. The other family needs to grow up. They are playing mind games with the child. Both families need to be positive about each other. Maybe you need to talk ...

Tuesday 28 December 04:02am

kaiser19 replied to topic Your 10 Month old ???

My little one has no routine... Weight - over 10 kg Height - can't remember Teeth - five Food - eats well, loves her food. Breakfast - always two bits of toast (avocado / marmite / peanut butter)...

Friday 15 October 06:33am

kaiser19 started new topic Feed and sleep routines

I have a ten month old and am interested to hear what other mothers routines are for sleep and milk during the day. She varies with sleep sometimes going down for a sleep normally twice a day. Be...

Wednesday 06 October 05:15pm
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