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Amanda007 replied to topic Bub screaming in pain before passing wind and going no 2

Hi. My 5 week old baby is exactly the same!! He screams in pain and I spend as much time burping him as much as feeding him. he even wakes from his sleep screaming and every nappy has poo. My tota...

Saturday 02 May 06:20am

Amanda007 replied to topic She hates tummy time

Hi! My baby has the opposite problem. he loves being on his tummy and hates being on his back... not good news when it comes to bed time. Perhaps you could try sitting on the sofa and putting your ...

Saturday 02 May 05:50am

Amanda007 started new topic mini pill

I am thinking about going on the mini pill at my 6 week check up but have heard it can affect your milk flow and my midwife told me it can make the baby fussy about breastfeeding. Can anyone tell...

Tuesday 21 April 12:43pm

Amanda007 replied to topic still upset by birth

I felt so sad reading your post! I can't believe how your birthing experience had been ruined for you. Something similar happened to me. I started having pains at 3am and went to the hospital at 11...

Tuesday 21 April 12:26pm
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