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K replied to topic Mum with Teenagers and Baby

Hi Sandy I am 27 with three children aged 11, 7and a half and 18 months it's not easy having the gap but sometimes it makes live alot easier. All I find is trying to do things with one at a time ha...

Thursday 26 February 10:56pm

K started new topic Looking for other mums to chat or meet

Hi my name is Kirsty I am 27 with three children, I'm looking for anybody that wants to chat by e-mail. My youngest is 18months and his big sisters are at school all day so it would be nice to meet...

Sunday 15 February 10:41pm

K replied to topic Perth Mums with Websites!

Hi Karen My name is Kirsty I'm 27 and have 3 children my youngest William is 18months. We live around the corner in Bateman so if ya wish to catch up for a coffee or a chat sometime my email addr...

Saturday 14 February 10:16pm

K replied to topic I'd love to get chatting with all you lot! (newbie here...)

Hi I've just joined this site as well I live in Bateman and I have 3 children the Youngest William is 18 months. If you want to chat my name is Kirsty

Thursday 05 February 09:56pm

K replied to topic Worried about weight

Hi I have an 11yr old girl that was born at a low birth weight and like you worried about how small she was and how much food she ate well still today she is smaller than most of her friends but is...

Friday 23 January 10:30pm
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