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Renarien replied to topic Finding out you were pregnant

Well, I decided I was ready to have children and set out to get pregnant... as one does. The first indication I had that something was different was one of our cats just would not leave me alone...

Monday 11 May 06:44pm

Renarien replied to topic Fastest way to lose 20kgs?

I don't know about weight loss - I ditched the scales and instead use measurements. I just do little things constantly, like hip circles from belly dancing or crouches, with full muscle tension, a...

Friday 08 May 03:34pm

Renarien replied to topic how do you

Hi Samantha! I agree with Jademummy's point of view here... Mainly because I've had a similar dillema myself recently. I looked in the mirror and saw an unfit, fat ugly person, because before I...

Friday 08 May 03:11pm

Renarien started new topic Hello All!

Hi, my name's Renarien and yup, I'm a newbie. I have one little girl, born April last year, who is a funny, stubborn, curious, loving little thing that we affectionately call 'Mini Menace' becaus...

Tuesday 05 May 06:52pm

Renarien replied to topic What have I done wrong!?

Our little one is only 12 months old but she sometimes pulls hair or other things that hurt. When she does this, we grab hold of the offending hand and look her in the eye and very seriously say "...

Tuesday 05 May 06:38pm
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