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Sammysdad replied to topic 3 year old toilet trained himself at 2 years, but now regressing.

My neice done dat, and heres wat she done to make her stop it: She put her back in nappies, and made her hav earlier naps and earlier bedtimes. Plus, treating her like a baby so, u should treat he...

Tuesday 02 June 01:46pm

Sammysdad replied to topic 3.5 yr old pooing and weeing in pants and on floor!

kids h8 going from being a big kid to being a baby put him in a nappy, and tell him you'll treat him like a baby until he uses the toilet

Monday 11 May 01:49pm

Sammysdad started new topic 14 and loves nappies

THIS IS THE WRONG SUBJECT. I GET IT but, there is no subject for this, so im gonna put it here. My sister has 13 month old girl, and a 14 year old boy. Recently, my sister walked in on her 14 yea...

Monday 11 May 01:44pm

Sammysdad replied to topic 3 and a half year old suddenly wetting bed

perhaps your daughter is craving for attention, and is peeing the bed on purpose, to get your attention

Monday 11 May 10:26am

Sammysdad replied to topic HELP!

have u thought of putting your child bak in nappies. Also, treat them like an actual baby. Kids will hate this, and 9 times out of 10, will go bak to using the potty

Monday 11 May 10:25am

Sammysdad started new topic from TT in five days, to back in nappies

My daughter Sammy was TT in five days. FIVE DAYS. Thank god, cuz the first two days the accidents were killing me. That was seven months ago. Three months ago she started having accidents. I though...

Monday 11 May 10:21am
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