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**Kate** replied to topic Would you sit your baby in a bumbo seat

I personally don't have a problem with bumbos - but never felt the need to buy one myself.. I can't image that they would be appropriate for a baby of that age though!! There is no support above t...

Tuesday 13 March 08:28am

**Kate** replied to topic Premature baby

My daughter - now 3 - was also premmie and came home from hospital at just under 2kgs.. It took me a long time to even acknowledge my emotions about it (probably a year!!) and another year or mor...

Tuesday 13 March 08:24am

**Kate** replied to topic vaginal birth after cesarean

I would talk to your midwife/ob/doctor about it.. Ten weeks is very early to be making these decisions.. I was under the impression that 'failure to progress' was one of the reasons that docs were ...

Tuesday 13 March 08:20am

**Kate** replied to topic Right thing, poor timing

I think this is the kind of question only you and hubby can answer.. But if he has already resigned etc then it sounds like you know what your heart wants!! One thing I would check though is I *th...

Tuesday 13 March 08:11am

**Kate** replied to topic do fizzy drinks change the properties of a drug?

most tablets have a coating on the outside... this coating is there so that the tablet can pass through to the stomache, where the stomache acids will break down the coating, and the drug can begin...

Sunday 08 November 10:26pm

**Kate** replied to topic Strawberry Haemangioma birth marks

I was actually coming on here to post something about this exact topic! My little girl is 8 months old, but was early so 6 corrected, and she has two... one on her right side pretty much where her...

Sunday 08 November 06:40pm

**Kate** replied to topic Holly or India?

def. holly!

Tuesday 14 July 09:41pm

**Kate** replied to topic Twin Boys names?

i like Henry William and Archie Luca

Monday 13 July 07:41pm

**Kate** replied to topic what do you think???

i like hayley marie or hayley louise... hayley susanne is also nice, especially if it has a bit of extra meaning...

Saturday 11 July 08:41pm

**Kate** started new topic promos

hello everyone!! im not 100% sure where i should post this so hopefully here is ok, sorry if it isnt! I havent been a member very long but noticed a few months ago the tent promotion that huggies...

Saturday 11 July 06:59pm

**Kate** replied to topic 3rd Girls name!

i am with sette here... i personally would never do the same letter thing (i have the same as my mum and it was annoying!) but since you have already done it, if Heidi is the name you love then i d...

Saturday 11 July 06:54pm

**Kate** replied to topic I may have lost the plot...

im going to go against the trend here and say sorry but i dont like it... i dont mind jovi as a middle name... but i look at Nyaa and can think of a few ways to pronounce it, and the way i think y...

Saturday 11 July 06:44pm

**Kate** replied to topic Girls names

for me, one of the big things about a name for my child was "if i say it, will everyone be able to spell it" so i dont like names that can be spelt more than one way... like pyper could also be pip...

Saturday 11 July 06:24pm

**Kate** replied to topic Whats your favourite?

Def cooper... and i think cooper james... tho i think i like james cooper even better!

Saturday 11 July 06:03pm

**Kate** replied to topic Meteor

maybe its just cos i really dont like unusual names, but thats TERRIBLE!! its actually the name of an 80s car by ford and thats what i instantly think of, so maybe for that reason a boy?! but yeah,...

Saturday 11 July 05:51pm
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