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Tonks81 replied to topic heating in baby's room

We have a nobo heater in the room. It is also on a timer. Does a great job and cheap to run!

Tuesday 10 July 01:25pm

Tonks81 replied to topic 3 day TT

Hi, Could i also please get a copy of this? Have tried a couple of times with my 2yo son with no luck so far! The more help the better! [email protected] Thanks so much! Laura

Sunday 04 March 07:20am

Tonks81 replied to topic Books about the new baby

I am looking to get a book or two for DS about the new baby and me being pregnant, however there seems to be heaps out there. Can anyone reccommend any they know of or have used? Thanks We ar...

Monday 27 February 09:21pm
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