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samsy10 replied to topic Looking for Mums in Geelong

Hi Lissa, I'd love to catch up. I have a near 2 year old and 12 week old daughter and have been in Geelong less than 2 years. I live in Newtown. Kim

Wednesday 04 January 12:38am

samsy10 replied to topic Looking for Mums in Geelong

Hi, I am in Geelong and have a 20 month son and am due for no. 2 today actually! (but no sign of her yet!). With my family and close friends in NZ and only a small mothers group here, I would lov...

Monday 03 October 09:31am

samsy10 started new topic Spelling.. Annabel or Annabelle?

Hello! One of our top shortlist names is Annabel/le? DH prefers Annabel but I think I prefer Annabelle? Which do you prefer? Thanks!

Saturday 24 September 08:08am

samsy10 started new topic Another one for the list.. what do you think?

Hi, Back again, sorry! Like another recent post I just read, girls names are so hard as there are so many nice names to choose from! We have two concrete names on our shortlist but my husband an...

Friday 09 September 05:41am

samsy10 started new topic Kate/Katie...

Hi! No closer to narrowing down our shortlist unfortunately and only 4.5 weeks to go. And now DH loves Kate. Kate looks awesome with our last name (a Z name) but I wonder if it is too 'boring' wi...

Wednesday 31 August 11:54pm

samsy10 replied to topic 18 month old day time naps

Thanks for that! sounds very similar. No, DS is certainly not grumpy. He just starts to go a bit crazy come 5.30/6. haha.

Tuesday 26 July 08:29pm

samsy10 started new topic 18 month old day time naps

My DS is 18 months old and has only just gone from 2 naps to 1 nap a day. But this nap is only 1-1.5 hours long! He used to do two 1.5-2 hour naps and now I'm lucky if he does one 1.5 hour nap. He...

Tuesday 26 July 08:18pm

samsy10 started new topic What do you think of Georgia?

Hi! DH threw one at me last night (a rare occurence). He likes Georgia, so much so its at the top for him. What do you think?

Tuesday 19 July 05:35am

samsy10 started new topic Help! My 18 month old won't eat anything but spaghetti or weetbix

Although I've spoken to our paediatrician about it, it still concerns me that my son (who has just gone 18 months) is not getting the nutrients he needs. For the last 3 months he flat out refuses ...

Friday 15 July 05:06am

samsy10 replied to topic Sick of being told its time to stop breastfeeding!!

I was in this exact same situation until recently and boy did I get fed up! My son is nearly 18 months old and I only stopped breastfeeding last week even though I am 28 weeks pregnant! I had inte...

Wednesday 13 July 05:28am

samsy10 replied to topic When do YOU test for a BFP? and How Faint can a Positive Line be to be a Positive line be for a BFP?

I tested after AF was due for DS1 but this time I tested super early - like 5 days before AF was due and I got a clear/white line (visible but bright white). Didn't know what it meant so tested aga...

Monday 11 July 05:34am

samsy10 started new topic Stuck on girls names - my shortlist seems to be getting longer! Help.

I posted a while ago so sorry for repeat post but we've not got long to go and my list is not getting any shorter! Below is our list. Big brother is Sam (17 months). Maddie Grace/Gracie Lily Ann...

Monday 11 July 05:30am

samsy10 replied to topic Girls name to match Georgia

A girl I know has a Georgia and Chloe which I think go really nicely. I also think Georgia and Olivia are nice.

Monday 11 July 05:26am

samsy10 replied to topic 10month old sick need advice

Sounds similar to what happened to my son at 12 months and by day 4 he was totally lethargic with a fever so I took him to A&E. They discharged him at 2am in the morning and the next day was no bet...

Monday 11 July 05:23am

samsy10 replied to topic Weaning due to biting

I agree with another post that it may just be a short term thing so if you want to keep BF, then persevere. My son only got his first at 13 months. At 15 months he had two top and two bottom and ...

Friday 01 July 05:41am

samsy10 replied to topic spelling

My friend has a Savahna which is pronounced Sa-var-na. She is gorgeous!

Thursday 23 June 12:34am

samsy10 started new topic Pink Discharge at 25 weeks

I am 25 weeks pregnant and twice over the last week I have noticed pink tinged mucus on my panty liner (sorry) when I have gone to the bathroom. No bright red blood or anything. This is my second...

Monday 20 June 10:13pm

samsy10 started new topic Maddie or Annabelle

We are having a girl and our two favourite names at the moment are Maddie and Annabelle. DH likes Maddie as its own name but we are considering a full name so she has the option down the track (M...

Monday 20 June 10:11pm

samsy10 replied to topic Still wrapping bub

I wrapped my son until he was 7 months old even though he was sitting up and rolling over well before 5 months. He just preferred it. He was obviously more comfortable and went to sleep better. Whe...

Monday 06 June 10:06pm

samsy10 replied to topic MY BABY NEEDS A NAME!!!

I agree that Kye is too close to Jai. I do like Kash and Koby though from your list. I think they go well with your other names. I like Koby the best. To go with your other names, I also like Nash...

Saturday 04 June 05:54am
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