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Thanks Denae. I'll have a look now. I was having trouble posting so I figured if I wrote something I DIDN'T intend on publishing, it would go through for sure. Correct! LOL.

Monday 25 May 06:12pm started new topic Calorie Diary?

Hi does anyone use a free online calorie diary? You know, where you put in the food and colories you had today? Thanks. [Edited on 24/05/2009]

Monday 25 May 06:06pm replied to topic what a night (head lice)

Hey this info is probably too late. But I've been told that head lice and the eggs don't survive off the head for more than 6 hours, so there is no need to wash bed linen etc. I've not been in the ...

Monday 25 May 05:15pm replied to topic Whats your favourite song right now????

Posted by: nmjs Taylor Swift-Love Story Me too! It gives me goosebumps EVERY TIME.

Monday 25 May 05:09pm replied to topic Six Figure Chicks....

Whats the general gist of it?

Monday 25 May 05:03pm replied to topic ok so getting way, way ahead of myself

I'd only let him meet my kids when I was SURE this was a long-term thing. As for staying the night, depending on kid's ages, a few months after they first meet him? Just so they're used to him et...

Monday 25 May 04:49pm replied to topic So maybe I'm a bit cranky today...

Wow Joy I wish I could do that. You must feel so much better for it?

Monday 25 May 04:21pm replied to topic OMG OMG OMG


Sunday 24 May 06:03pm replied to topic Yes or no for jolly jumpers/walkers etc and why

I asked my Paed this exact question, and he said that if bub was in them for half an hour or less each day, they will do no harm. Jellyfish loved the JJ and walker, and Jellybean has just gotten a ...

Sunday 24 May 05:54pm replied to topic Counting

Jellyfish was 18 months when she could first count to 20, plus recognise numbers 1-9.

Saturday 23 May 05:07pm replied to topic Old Button Collections

Oh wow that is so weird, I just got a box of stuff from my Aunty's house, she moved into a Nursing Home last week, and in it is a huge bag (about 2kg) of old, old buttons! We laughed about her keep...

Saturday 23 May 04:19pm replied to topic Help Please - Vidoeclip

Yes!!! Thank you, that was it!

Saturday 23 May 03:55pm replied to topic Help Please - Vidoeclip

LMAO no I don't think so!!!

Friday 22 May 05:25pm started new topic Help Please - Vidoeclip

Hi, can someone please help me with this, I am looking for a song, on the videoclip there are girls wearing green skirts, g-strings and black sailor hats (I think). It's fairly recent, does anyone ...

Friday 22 May 05:20pm replied to topic Awwww my big sooky la la!!! LOL

LOL they are such babies when they're sick! One tiny cold and they're "dying". But if we get sick, flu or virus or whatever, it's "suck it up the kids need you". Love it Hope he feels better ...

Thursday 21 May 06:37pm replied to topic Controlled Crying, 7 month old

Hi, Have you tried something like the Fisher Price Aquarium? It ties ontot the side of the cot, out of bub's reach, but it plays soft music and you can set it to music and movement, music only, a...

Thursday 21 May 05:33pm
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