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BrookeAsha replied to topic umm.....excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, here's my rant.. Baby shower was held in a park about a month ago.. my best friend and I had organised everything.. we had an 8 foot tressle table and 10 x chairs hired from a company and she ...

Wednesday 13 January 06:53am

BrookeAsha replied to topic Short unusual girls names starting with A

Asha - it's sanskrit and means 'hope' Didn't quite make the first name with my parents.. I think it's strong

Wednesday 13 January 05:49am

BrookeAsha replied to topic Due January 2010

Thanks Steph, I've been doing much the same.. Dad's been scoring some amazing packed lunches too! We planted a little herb garden on our balcony on Sunday arvo, so I can add watering to my list of...

Wednesday 13 January 05:39am

BrookeAsha started new topic Due January 2010

Hi All, Due this Saturday 16th with 1st, Dad to be has gone back to work today and I'm a little nervous about being home on my own.. silly for someone who considers themself independant.. Trying t...

Tuesday 12 January 08:51am
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