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**MummyMelly** replied to topic twin stroller please? Any ideas on what to buy?

Help please? I only want to spend approx $200 on a twin stroller. Any recommendations? I need it for my 9 month old and 3 and half year old. They are average weight and height for there month/age....

Monday 22 August 06:03am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic whats your favourite tv show??

Offspring Home and Away Packed to the Rafters Master Chef Biggest Loser

Wednesday 17 August 03:08am

**MummyMelly** started new topic Onesies that say 'adorable" on front

As the topic says... I have seen them around and think they are very cute but cannot find them anywhere... Can anyone help me. Thanks

Sunday 14 August 02:30am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic Redundancy payouts - are they taxed?

Do you pay any tax on redundancy payouts? Can anyone shed any light about redundancy payouts - do you have to declare them as part of your yearly income? Etc etc? Any tips??? We had to declar...

Thursday 28 July 02:03am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic any thoughts on these names please :)

I like Mahni Wynta Me too!

Thursday 28 July 02:00am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic Still waiting for DP tax refund and centrelink tax refund

We both lodged ours on the 18th and I looked at centrelink this morning and it says I'm getting my tax supplement tomorrow. DH got his tax today.

Thursday 28 July 01:58am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic Whats baby girls first name if middle name is Jean?

Just wanting any suggestions for a first name for our girl please! I have a friend who's baby is called Macy Jean, I love it!

Friday 15 July 06:43am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic Nappy Cover and Matching Singlet Sets

Theres a chick on facebook called maz a licous shes some some awesome ones Very cool, thanks

Friday 15 July 06:32am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic Nappy Cover and Matching Singlet Sets

I don't have any examples of ruffled ones on my page right now (I assume you want ruffles) but I will be making them as the weather gets warmer over at Red Dinosaurs & Pink Elephants. If there is ...

Friday 15 July 05:33am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic AR formula

Thanks for your help ladies, might just leave it for a bit since he is doing fine on it.

Friday 15 July 04:55am

**MummyMelly** started new topic Nappy Cover and Matching Singlet Sets

Hi Everyone, I'm after matching nappy cover and singlet sets for my little one this upcoming summer. Can someone point me in the right direction... Does anyone on here make these or know of anybod...

Friday 15 July 04:53am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic Need Help with Baby Boy names......

Love love love Hudson i would have to agree

Sunday 10 July 04:07am

**MummyMelly** started new topic AR formula

Hi there, just a quick question... DS2 (almost 5 months old) has had reflux since birth but we have it under control with AR formula alone. He has been doing really well on the formula and has not...

Sunday 10 July 03:48am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic amber teething necklaces

Does your bub have one? Do they work? Which one is best? Approximately how much are they. DD is struggling with teething and I want to know all about them!! Was thinking the same thing... I have...

Thursday 16 June 04:19am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic MCN

Hi all I'm using MCN and have been for 7mnths now, they are getting a bit whiffy at the moment due to DS teething so his wees are potent, I was thinking of putting a bit of tea tree oil in the was...

Monday 13 June 11:26pm

**MummyMelly** replied to topic ..

Never bought them... However I'm selling off my stash of MCNS and booster very cheep as they're just collecting dust. I mainly have Cushie Tushies, BBH, Itti Bittis and Issy Bear... PM me if you'r...

Sunday 12 June 06:59am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic ..

looking into going to mcn for this bub but cant pay the prices of the good brands. so was wondering if any ladies in here have used and of the china ones and are they any good. have found some goo...

Sunday 12 June 04:39am

**MummyMelly** replied to topic Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Aww the poor little guy. My DS got that when he was about the same age. It's so horrible for them. DS got ulcers on his tongue and throughout his mouth - OUCH! Things we tried were panadol and nu...

Saturday 29 January 03:45am

**MummyMelly** started new topic Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

My DS (2 years) started day care the other day and brought home hand, foot and mouth disease. I know there is not much I can do about it but does anyone have any suggestions on relieving the pain?...

Friday 28 January 09:24pm

**MummyMelly** replied to topic Proactiv

I've used Proactiv and would still be using it if I wasn't pregnant. I love it! It did take 2 weeks for my skin to get used to the harsh ingredients, my face peeled for a while, but the new skin un...

Thursday 27 January 08:06pm
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