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Sal28 replied to topic Limits in the relationship ?

Yeah I'm kinda wondering the same thing...aboout the limitations and also thinking after 11 years it is too late to change an old dog? Perhap you should both go out and have a good time together...

Sunday 11 November 06:07pm

Sal28 replied to topic Mums working full time

My situation is pretty much the same as MOWQS and i share the same view as well, its up to the individual how they want to shape their lives by working or not working. Some woman are very career or...

Thursday 02 August 09:17am

Sal28 replied to topic how to eplain death to a 4 year old

Ask at your local library for some books on the subject. and i guess just be honest. I know my 4 yr old is so switched on, or say he has gone with the dog. Hope it goes ok, take things as they come...

Tuesday 10 April 05:28pm

Sal28 replied to topic Does Anyone Know This Brand Of Straw/Cup....

It could be a mag mag cup...i got one for my son...though its just a sucking one...not one you push down...think they get the hang of the sucking motion quickly, he was 8 months when i got this cup...

Tuesday 10 April 05:01pm

Sal28 replied to topic Not invited

Yeah its hard to know what to do. I invited all 20 kids to my sons birthday in his 3yr old preschool class plus other friends kids...we ended up with about 15 kids. Another mother was giving out in...

Tuesday 10 April 04:53pm

Sal28 replied to topic Do some babies NEED to be circumsised?

I have heard if they get a serious infection they used to have get done...but now adays i think they give them some creams or lotions to fight the infection. Don't worry about it unless its red, an...

Tuesday 10 April 04:44pm

Sal28 replied to topic positve then neg.. i dunno?

Yeah our bodies are wierd...before both of my last 2 periods...i ate lots, had sore boobs and peed alot and was 1 week late...i just when i thought i will get a preg test...the dams opened. So i c...

Saturday 24 March 07:31pm

Sal28 replied to topic how to get rid of debts QUICKLY

Check out this website: Great tips on just about everything to help you save and pay things off and also people views on where to buy cheap things. i found it helped me as well as...

Saturday 24 March 07:16pm

Sal28 replied to topic WHATS THE BEST THING...

The cuddliness and the funny things they say.

Thursday 22 February 11:56am

Sal28 replied to topic 2 1/2 and about to go to big bed - how do we do it?

My hubby actually got ds "into bed"...he played games with him on the bed and "said this is your bed and your such a big boy" and did this a few times till he wanted to sleep in was daytim...

Monday 19 February 07:51am

Sal28 replied to topic time to drop nap??

we haven't had much luck with the one day a sleep either. My Ds goes down at 10 30 then sleeps for an hour and a half and then is so tired but wont go down any earlier at night or is so tired by 4....

Wednesday 17 January 07:25pm

Sal28 replied to topic time to drop nap??

Hi my dd is pretty much on par with yours...i am trying him at the moment on one sleep...but i think i will need to work a lot ...i was thinking of putting him to sleep abit later everyday. Today i...

Friday 05 January 07:40pm

Sal28 replied to topic What is your 16month old doing?

Dd was having 2 sleeps a day and waking up about once or twice through the night. I am attempting to change him to one sleep a day and hpe he sleep better through the night...but so far its not goi...

Friday 05 January 07:33pm

Sal28 replied to topic Do You Have A Squealer!!!!

o boy do we have a squealer!! My 4 yr old does it when he is playing with his friends... and now my 16mth does it when he is frustrated or upset...though much worse than a happy squeal. I try to sa...

Friday 05 January 07:16pm

Sal28 replied to topic First trip to the beach

Hi we have just come back from the beach this week too. My 4 yr old loved it, my 16 month old liked the 1st and not the 2nd...though he was also cutting an incisor and what not overally happy. I th...

Friday 05 January 06:57pm

Sal28 replied to topic do they all throw tantrems?

my little boy has just turned 16 months and is really throwing them when he doesn't is own way. Just be thankful your children are happy all of the may or may not happen later. But both m...

Friday 05 January 06:52pm

Sal28 replied to topic MIL............Grrrrrrr! Vent!

Think its time you moved a little bit further away! LOL, she sounds just plain spooky!! We live a couple of suburbs away and that is far enough for us. Hey we had a christening for my son at the ...

Sunday 26 November 07:40pm

Sal28 replied to topic What a laugh I had this morning when....

We were in one of the myers stores today and i called my son over to say hello to santa. Santa said to him "how have you been i haven't seen you for ages" my 3 yr old said to me later " how co...

Sunday 26 November 07:29pm

Sal28 replied to topic measles?

Have you tried him in a pinetarsol bath? The stuff stinks but does work...well it used too. We have just had foot and mouth virus go through, they get blister on their hands and feet, but they arn'...

Sunday 26 November 07:02pm

Sal28 replied to topic one of them weeks.

we seem to be getting everything too, but i am putting it down to the hot/cold changes in the weather...this heat seems to be bringing out all sorts! I'm sure it will pass for you soon, there is no...

Sunday 26 November 06:56pm
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