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salchin replied to topic Shoes

Oh what fun shoes are. Our son is forever carrying shoes around. He finds it amusing throwing them down the stairs. His first walkers, his joggers, our joggers etc. It's no wonder we can never find...

Friday 11 July 08:48am

salchin replied to topic childhood ezcema

It is so good to feel like I am not alone. My son had ezcema from the time of his birth. In fact on his Christening Day his skin was so bad we didn't keep him in the gown too long. I found that...

Friday 11 July 08:40am

salchin replied to topic Babies hair growth

My son's hair looked so much like a monks hairstyle. It used to make us laugh! He is 14mths now and his hair is only now starting to grow. It is very fine. Losing the hair is normal. I'm just hopin...

Friday 11 July 08:23am

salchin replied to topic Teething

I thought our son's teeth would never come through! He would be a gummy bear forever. His first teeth were the bottom two at 13mths and now that he is 14mths he has three bottom and two top. Once t...

Friday 11 July 08:16am

salchin started new topic Toys For 19mth plus

Now that the half yearly sales are on I would like to start laybying presents for Christmas. Beat the rush!! The problem is my husband and I don't know where to begin. Our son will be 19mths at Chr...

Friday 11 July 08:09am
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