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JellyJam replied to topic Should I allow my boy to play with ipad?

You know what my little man started school this year and they use them regularly so I reckon let him use it but limit the time. My little man could read a map on his play station game before he wen...

Saturday 28 March 03:17pm

JellyJam replied to topic how often do your parents or you inlaws come over?

My MIL and FIL are coming to visit next week, will be first visit since DD was born who is 17 mths old. My parents have visited twice. Both sets of Grandparents live a min of 5 hours away so it&#x...

Friday 22 February 03:31pm

JellyJam replied to topic getting over fear

My little man was like this also, he did not hold on for that long but would just run off and poo in his pants. I just tried to show him that it was natural and that both Mummy and Daddy did poos ...

Wednesday 13 February 10:07am

JellyJam replied to topic Best nursing bras?

Ditto Ruby Gloom, Bonds and Hot Milk....................Can't go past both. The Bonds are so comfortable, Hot milk is just HOT! lol....Well they do make you feel a little sexier though and still ve...

Saturday 19 January 05:05pm

JellyJam replied to topic Wedding vs Elope

I didn't elope but I did have a surprise wedding, my husband and I invited everyone to a party for my hubby's birthday. We live in a different town from all of our family so it was easy for us to o...

Thursday 03 January 10:03am

JellyJam replied to topic anybody tried meal replacement shakes ?

I used these shakes. I used them a little differently though. I just had one when I was feeling a little peckish. Cause thats when I would usually go for something naughty just because it's easy. I...

Wednesday 14 November 04:09pm

JellyJam replied to topic Awake in between naps?

My little girl is just over 8 mths, she is awake 3 hours between sleeps during the day. If i put her down any sooner she only sleeps for the one sleep cycle. All bubs are a little different, i thin...

Thursday 17 May 05:04am

JellyJam replied to topic Interested to know

My first came smack bang on his due date, second 1 day early, mine apparently don't like to be late! Both natural births.... Good Luck

Friday 30 March 08:37am

JellyJam started new topic 3 year old just started getting out of bed during the night

My DS started to do this recently, he is 3 in June. I also have a now 6 mth old and I was getting up to him more than I was to my dd. It does get better. Apparently their imagination starts to grow...

Friday 30 March 08:35am

JellyJam replied to topic Morning sickness?

My Hubby went through morning sickness with me!!!! To the point where he would vomit at work. So yes maybe........DH was at one point going to ring me at work and tell me to go eat something (He kn...

Sunday 04 March 08:31am

JellyJam replied to topic What goes with avocado??

Try mashing avacado with tuna and a small amount of cream little man loves it and it's easy to spread!

Sunday 04 March 04:04am

JellyJam replied to topic does your toddler eat dinner with the whole family

I say do whatever works for you! My poor little man is usually still at daycare at 6.00 due to both DH & I working full time so there is no chance of him having tea before 7pm. He has a snack at da...

Wednesday 01 February 11:20pm

JellyJam replied to topic Only taking one breast

Thanks for the replies, it does help to know i am not alone, my first was such a great feeder and would feed all day if you let him. Not so with dd, very different bubs! I have been thinking she mi...

Monday 30 January 06:35pm

JellyJam started new topic Only taking one breast

My DD will be 5 mths next week, up until about 2 weeks ago she would happily take both breast at feed time. Now she will only feed from one and flat out refuses to take any more once she has pulled...

Monday 30 January 07:33am

JellyJam replied to topic would speed way be to loud for my 14 month old

You might get a pleasant surprise with the ear muffs, my little man wears ear muffs when he wants to play Dads drums, he took to them easily with no dramas, maybe cause he relates the earmuffs to g...

Saturday 21 January 08:52am

JellyJam replied to topic Gifts for new mum.

I know it is lovely to buy for the bubs but have you thought about something like nice relaxing candles or hand creams etc something to pamper the new mum once bubs is born. My SIL did this for me ...

Saturday 21 January 08:26am

JellyJam replied to topic Crying

I think it is fine for him to cry in front of the children, they need to taught it is ok to express what they are feeling....I think she needs the lecture on what sleeping with a 16 y/o can do to y...

Saturday 21 January 05:32am

JellyJam replied to topic Breast pump leaking

I remember having the same problem when expressing for my ds, he is now 2 1/2. If my memory serves me correctly, i changed the little white seal thing that looksd like a star (kinda) over to the sp...

Thursday 19 January 05:02am

JellyJam replied to topic what method of feeding should i choose?

My little man was in daycare F/T at 4 mths old. I did excactly as what you plan on doing. I Breastfed whilst at home and the little man had formula whilst at daycare. He was a bigger bubs already a...

Wednesday 18 January 05:18am

JellyJam replied to topic Going well with "no pants method"

To JellyJam,what if you tried calling them Jocks instead of undies. Or buy the little jock shorts and call them boxers??? [/quote] Thanks for the suggestion, i will give it a go, am willing to try...

Wednesday 18 January 05:12am
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