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mystayr replied to topic Any tips to get b/f baby to take a bottle.

I am having this issue with my third. I am just using a zippy cup and he is talking it that way in a pinch but won't take much as he knows the breast is close by. Lol

Wednesday 22 April 12:11pm

mystayr replied to topic Lost and scared

I agree with the above comment. It could end in a c section so just be prepared for that. With hubby if that is his way normally or not is hard for you, I know. He may be feeling really out of the ...

Wednesday 22 April 12:05pm

mystayr replied to topic help

Congratulations on your new baby! It sounds like your little one has what is called 'silent reflux' however it is anything but silent. Your little one may not be able to tolerate somethin...

Wednesday 22 April 11:51am
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