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Twiggy replied to topic What's your childs name?

Chloe Jane - GIRL Jesse Alexander - BOY Kaitlyn ? - GIRL (due May... haven't settled on a middle name)

Friday 23 February 03:03pm

Twiggy started new topic Siblings at the birth?

My 6yo daughter wants to come to the hospital to see the baby being born. My first reaction was No Way! but when she asked my OB he didn't seem too phased by the idea and said that it was very popu...

Wednesday 21 February 09:55pm

Twiggy replied to topic Problem with tailbone

Ouch! This was a very nasty and unexpected surprise when I had my first child, when I had my second I was absolutely I was more terrified of this happening again, than delivering... which was a bre...

Wednesday 21 February 09:52pm

Twiggy replied to topic clary sage oil...

I used Clary Sage (in a Jojoba based blend with Jasmine, Lavender and Majoram) for my first two deliveries and plan on using it with my third. I found it great and even my OB was impressed with the...

Wednesday 21 February 09:46pm
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