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*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic Oh, how sad.

I had an unplanned HOMEBIRTH and my daughter is fine. A baby can die it doesnt really matter wear in hospital or at home/unassisted. A friend gave birth in hospital and her little man had died whil...

Saturday 06 March 07:54pm

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic 10/10/10 brides

Thats me 12 yr later and 4 children yes we are getting married. A lunchtime Wedding and thought 10am was a little to early so choose 11 from memory..Plans are coming along got everything booked or ...

Monday 01 March 08:51pm

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic The first day of autumn

OMG it's 8.15 and is still only 2.7 degrees outside!! I was going to let the fire go out but might keep it cranking me thinks! I would lol or leave it just alight so if it doesnt warm up you ahv...

Monday 01 March 07:36pm

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic RUDE ... or is it just me?

Someone bored this POST is from 2005... BUT in answer to that I get married in October 2010 and although my children will be at the reception no others will. Its my Wedding and my day and why shoul...

Friday 26 February 09:14am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic for my first NEW post on the NEW forum....

Wow Amy your pregnancy is coming along now wow what is it only 13 weeks to go.. I think I read your 27 weeks. Seems to be cruising along I guess it isnt for you..

Friday 26 February 09:00am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic Car servicing and baby seat removal - OMG!!!

Why did they remove the seats did they detail the car for you as well. My DF is a mechanic and I just asked him and he has NO idea why they ahve undone your seats a service is just that a service o...

Friday 26 February 08:42am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic So for the first time on the new forum

Beef stroganooff for the family and Fresh Fish and salad for me so by october I dont look like an ooompah loompah in my Wedding Dress.

Friday 26 February 05:01am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic well well well

this is........different! apart from the layout, ima liking the spankin new forum! I agree it is totally confusing..

Friday 26 February 04:16am

*Wishfullthinking* started new topic Trivial Question for the night...

Just a trivial bit of information.. Mumto2lilcuties and I will get married on the same day how weird LOL..

Tuesday 23 February 06:43pm

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic Ending Pregnancies

Posted by: boygirllove I just dont see why building a house is more impotant than a baby. I can see her point and with hubby working away. When it is all done and dusted it is her choice.

Sunday 21 February 11:25am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic cake decorating

Hi, I too got 2 pictures of Fifi but you are very talented.. More paitence than I have lol

Sunday 21 February 11:18am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic Ending Pregnancies

Dont beat yourself up over this at the end of the day it is your and hubbys choice. Im guessing your still young so time isnt against you. You were using a contraception. Dont worried about what ...

Sunday 21 February 11:06am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic what would u do if....

Just let her go she wasnt a true friend to begin with if she has done that.. I blocked and deleted a so call friend of mine but we had had words and now she has said to my daughter that if I want s...

Saturday 20 February 07:56pm

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE!!!

See how she is in the morning htna for your own peace of mind have her checked over by a DR. Doesnt sound like she had HFM as it is not a rash. It is blisters in the mouth and between fingers and t...

Saturday 20 February 07:17pm

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic my vent for the day

Thats just plain rude..

Saturday 20 February 06:55pm

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic Gotta LOVE Bargin Shopping

Im the same I have gone without Mobile credit to get these bargins as if people really need me they can call the house phone.. Always the way with me though my children and bargins will come before...

Saturday 20 February 06:23pm

*Wishfullthinking* started new topic Gotta LOVE Bargin Shopping

Today i picke up 12 items of clothing, mixture of jeans, licence tees and s short set all for $58.00... Just added them up and I save $164.00.. Total cost being $222.00 got to love Targets end of ...

Saturday 20 February 05:57pm

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic can any one help me here plz

I had to get clearance for my DD as they werent convinced that what I told them was the truth and my DD has a bad reaction to Mozzie bites BUT they werent convinced and thought she had Chicken Pox....

Friday 19 February 11:24am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic 20 week scan

All scans that I have had done the person has told me bub is fine. There was only ine time that she couldnt tell the sex but than asked me what I already had.. Hence that sort of gave it away in as...

Friday 19 February 11:20am

*Wishfullthinking* replied to topic can any one help me here plz

I feel the lady in question should of gone to the DR"S and had them confirmed first. If no others children are showing signs it seems a BIG waste of time for everyone to get clearances to be able t...

Friday 19 February 11:17am
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