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PAIRS replied to topic When to start bottle feeding

How much did he weigh at birth? If he is continuing to gain weight perhaps it's not your supply that's making him unsettled. Keep him upright to burp him he may have an upset tummy. Br...

Monday 08 June 05:56am

PAIRS replied to topic Fundraising/Crowdsourcing for equipment, travel exp, & treatment or therapy

Hi there, I do a lot of fundraising but not as a job, just volunteering. I must admit it's not easy, it's a hard job that gets very little recognition or gratitude. Personally I woul...

Monday 08 June 05:43am

PAIRS replied to topic My baby won't sleep!

At 6 months you could try starting a feeding/sleeping routine. For example: Wake - feed Early morning - play Mid morning - a small snack or a BF then sleep Lunch Play BF and sleep Play Wash Dinn...

Monday 08 June 05:30am

PAIRS started new topic Huggies barcodes

Hi All & Mods, I know I'm showing my age, but many many years ago I was collecting barcodes from Huggies boxes to receive promotional material and toys. Does anyone know if this promoti...

Wednesday 13 May 01:43pm

PAIRS replied to topic Any tips on natural energy boosters during pregnancy?

Unfortunately pregnancy brings tiredness. I did pregnancy yoga and on my days off I walked a bit. However I recently bought a book about healthy juices/shakes. I can provide you with a few recipes ...

Tuesday 12 May 09:51pm

PAIRS replied to topic Won't go on toilet at daycare

Either stop the nappy during sleep time or get the daycare centre to create a toilet chart and he can put a sticker or stamp for every time he goes to the toilet. A bit of encouragement goes a long...

Tuesday 12 May 09:44pm

PAIRS replied to topic Feeling down

I'm not sure if you're referring to wanting another child or a man in your life. Regardless, after a 6yr marriage it's expected you will feel lonely and upset. All I can suggest is...

Monday 11 May 01:59am

PAIRS started new topic 6yr old with red rash and pimples

Hi all, My 6yr old has developed a fair few pimples on his bottom and has a red rash when you open his cheeks. If he was a baby in a nappy I can understand but at this age, what could it be? An...

Sunday 10 May 10:10pm

PAIRS replied to topic Starting big school

Bring her fav toy to school tomorrow, activities etc and promise her she'll get a gift when you pick her up. She might even find a friend from daycare there. The best thing I found was readi...

Wednesday 06 May 11:05pm

PAIRS replied to topic vent

He probably hasn't really digested the news. Don't worry about your insensitive ex, just enjoy your kids, your a champion already - being a mum of 5!!!

Wednesday 06 May 10:54pm

PAIRS replied to topic Am I Being Overly-sensitive?

Your mum has a photo in a grandma frame with a picture of the neighbours child, that's just not normal, actually that's freakish. Who has a photo of their neighbours child, sounds creepy...

Wednesday 06 May 10:48pm

PAIRS replied to topic Pram options for newborn and toddler

I use my skateboard for my lazy 5 year old and my toddler sits in the pram. I love the skateboard, my 5 year old can stand and hold the handle or even sit on it and puts their legs in the under b...

Tuesday 17 February 05:27am

PAIRS replied to topic Anesthetist appointment? GD

Hi there, I wouldn't stress too much about it. The appt is probably based on a 'what if' scenario if you need a c section. They'll probably discuss whether you prefer to sleep ...

Tuesday 17 February 05:21am

PAIRS replied to topic Discipline: What works for you?

We use the thinking chair, as my kids don't use the iPad or tv much so it's not a huge threat. It's a chair located in the corner of a wall. The kids sit on it until the timer stops ...

Tuesday 17 February 05:05am

PAIRS replied to topic Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone hope you all have a fantastic day and hope 2015 is a happy and healthy year for you all. roll eyes

Thursday 25 December 05:44am

PAIRS replied to topic Inserting Canesten Cream whilst early Preg and how too??? Feeling scared

I just applied it with my index finger knuckle and had lots of yoghurt. Good luck!

Thursday 25 December 05:40am

PAIRS replied to topic SHOCKED

Congrats it seems to happen when your just not trying. We announced our pregnancy on Xmas day also (many years ago). We made my first child wear a top saying I'm going to be a big brother. I...

Monday 22 December 05:27am

PAIRS replied to topic Severe back problems and newborn

Sorry to hear about your back pain. I too had it and still do. Mine was shocking for the delivery of my second child that the pain in my back had exceeded the labour pain so I didn't know when...

Monday 22 December 05:22am

PAIRS replied to topic What else could go wrong?

Hi there, Loosing a baby is horrible then to find out about your cheating husband is just a nightmare. Personally I would look into finding a support network, your GP can advise, Google etc. I&#...

Monday 22 December 05:07am

PAIRS replied to topic Want to stay home

If you do your husband'spaperwork then why don't you get a qual in being a bookkeeper? In Aus they can charge from $60 + an hour. An MYOB course is a couple of days long. Then create a ...

Monday 22 December 04:54am
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