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Emskie31 started new topic Children at weddings.....

Hiya all, I am getting married in May and my fiance and I have an 18month daughter...we are involving her in the ceremony, she will be walked down the aisle before me and will be included in some ...

Tuesday 01 February 11:12pm

Emskie31 started new topic little lumps

Hey everyone, My girl is 1 year old and she has little lumps on the back of her head, she has had them for ages, but only 2 now she has 4, there are 2 on each side at the bottom of her head right...

Monday 26 July 11:45pm

Emskie31 started new topic Child Care Options....

Hey! I need some advice on which care to organise for my 11 month old. I only want her in care 1 day a week, but I dont know which is better, day care centres or family day care?? Any advice, or ...

Thursday 27 May 10:08pm

Emskie31 replied to topic Charcot Marie Tooth

Hi, I have CMT running through my family but through the male side, my grandfather had it, my uncle and my cousin. My uncle has had it since birth and he is now into his late 40's and still lives...

Tuesday 29 December 12:44pm

Emskie31 replied to topic Baby Photography

oh right....Im in Brisbane

Friday 30 October 08:14pm

Emskie31 started new topic Baby Photography

Hey, can anyone recommend an affordable but good baby photography studio??? I want to get some portraits done for grandparents for christmas! Thanks!

Thursday 29 October 03:27pm

Emskie31 started new topic Babies on planes....

Has anyone else had to take thier baby on a plane?? Do we just carry her or do we take a baby bjorn carrier?? I asked for seats up the back, but there is no back exit so I am assuming they will pro...

Thursday 29 October 01:13pm

Emskie31 started new topic Baby Welcoming Party

Hey everyone! My girl is now 3 months or so and I am thinking about having a 'Baby Welcoming Party'. I never had a baby shower as my pregnancy was full on and didnt feel like it! But I am unsure w...

Thursday 29 October 12:50pm

Emskie31 replied to topic cheap nappies?

I use babylove...have since day one, they are great nappies, oh we did try a pack of huggies as they were on special, i found that they didnt fit aswell so we went back to babylove, they cost like ...

Thursday 29 October 12:35pm

Emskie31 replied to topic The sex thing

Yeah by the time hubby comes homes from work and Ive spent all day looking after bub and cleaning the house, Im well exhausted, I havnt brought it up though and neither has he....I know it bothers ...

Saturday 24 October 07:09pm

Emskie31 started new topic Childcare Advice....

Hey! I am just wanting some advice on what ppl did with thier kids in childcare? I am planning to go back to work in March, which would make bub 8 months old, I have called a few childcare centres...

Friday 23 October 12:45pm

Emskie31 replied to topic First tooth at 3 months!

I think my little girl is 13 weeks now and getting her first tooth too but she isnt quite old enough to grab things and keep them in her hand so I cant give her anything to chew, she keeps knawing ...

Monday 12 October 09:31am

Emskie31 replied to topic Newborn Feeding Problems - Advice Please

I had the exact problem, I was bf every 2 hours and she never seemed satisfied and it took a long long time for her to settle down. Bub kept loosing weight so we had to top up her feeds with formu...

Friday 09 October 10:31am

Emskie31 replied to topic Please help... very confused :(

Ahhhh I see! The father should face up to his responsibilities, its unfortunate that you both didnt work out, but he does have a right to have a relationship with his long as its not ...

Saturday 12 September 07:26am

Emskie31 replied to topic Is it ok to give my baby water to drink

Hi, I was told by a midwife friend that if you are going to give a baby water, might aswell give them formula, water is mainly used by mothers to fill up thier baby to relieve constipation and tumm...

Saturday 12 September 07:14am

Emskie31 replied to topic how much formula???

I bottle fed bub from very early on aswell....I made her what the tin advised but she didnt always take it all, so I didnt force her to take the rest, they will only drink what they need. I have t...

Saturday 12 September 07:06am

Emskie31 started new topic How much should baby sleep.....

I am wondering what are normal sleeping patterns for a 2 month old. She doesnt sleep for long periods of time during the day which doesnt bother me much, but she will easily sleep through the ni...

Wednesday 09 September 03:20pm

Emskie31 replied to topic Breastfeeding- How long should each feed take?

I have a 2 and a half week old girl, when I breastfeed her it takes her about an hour, but she constantly falls asleep at the breast, I have to keep taking her off then she wakes up again and wants...

Wednesday 29 July 12:59pm

Emskie31 started new topic constipated baby??

Hey everyone! My bub is now 2 and a half weeks old, she is mostly formula fed and since giving her more formula per feed, she doesnt poo as often and seems to be in a little bit of pain every now a...

Wednesday 29 July 12:53pm

Emskie31 started new topic I need some advice....

I have just had my little baby girl, she is now 6 days old. In the hospital I had alot of trouble breastfeeding, she was loosing weight and it seemed my milk supply hadnt quite come in yet, so we ...

Saturday 18 July 08:03am
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