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Becclm replied to topic Dummy Fairy?

My Son is 2, and there is no way he will give his dummy to the fairy or the bin man or the raindeer. He is stubborn and he loves his dummy. I have had the sudden urge to force my son to give it up ...

Thursday 29 March 01:14am

Becclm started new topic 4 am Waking in Morning and Won't Go Back to Sleep

My 2 Year Old has decided that he is now going to wake up at 4 am. He still wakes up in the middle of the night and he still has a dummy. Has anyone used Save Our Sleep Book for Toddlers? Should I...

Wednesday 28 March 07:55pm

Becclm started new topic Very wet down there, is this normal?

Hi I am 36 weeks pregnant, and in the past day i have been very wet, to the point i have changed my undies twice today. how do i tell if my waters have broken? or is this normal? This is my second ...

Saturday 31 December 03:01am

Becclm started new topic How did you stop Cat Napping

My boy has been cat napping for the last 3 months. he only sleeps 45 min blocks during the day, he use to sleep up to 6 hours at night, but of late he only sleeps around 3 hours now. I am so tired,...

Tuesday 17 August 06:40pm

Becclm replied to topic Some help Please!!

Hey my little boy is almost 5 month and has cat napped during the day since he was born. Its really stressful because you cant get a rest from them during the day yourself. We had screaming matches...

Tuesday 10 August 06:07pm

Becclm started new topic Anyone follow the Sleep Right Sleep Tight Book?

I just finished a day stay at a sleep unit, and they follow the Sleep right Sleep tight rules. I am pretty sure that this is what I am going to try and follow to help get my little boy in a good sl...

Saturday 07 August 07:00am

Becclm replied to topic I feel like I am the worst Mother EVER

Hey everyone thank you so much for all of your replies. I have been reading them and its so nice to know i am not alone and have some great support. I have since scrapped the idea of a routine, my ...

Saturday 07 August 06:54am

Becclm started new topic I feel like I am the worst Mother EVER

My boy is 4 months old. He has been wrapped from day one, and has had a dummy since about 4 weeks. And has never ever slept very well since birth. For the last 5 weeks he has continued to wake eve...

Saturday 24 July 10:12pm

Becclm started new topic Please help, 3 week old awake for up to 6 hours

My 3 week old stays away for hours on end during the day its so tiring. I dont know what to do. I feed him and he falls asleep on the breast and then as soon as I put him down he wakes up. its like...

Wednesday 07 April 04:34am

Becclm started new topic Anyone used Acyclovir during Pregnancy

My doctor has perscribed me this for the last few weeks of pregnancy. I started the antibiotics today. I am just wondering if anyone else has used this medication. And if so, was your baby ok?

Tuesday 02 February 07:39am

Becclm replied to topic Which brand of bottle is best to use when 1/2 breastfeeding and 1/2 Bottle feeding??

My hospital recommends, Avent. They are the most expensive brand of bottles. But apparently the teat is as close to nipple shape as possible. Therefore bub should hopefully not have an issue swapin...

Thursday 21 January 01:19pm

Becclm replied to topic umm.....excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby came home last night and said he had organised a fishing trip weekend away 4 weeks before I am due. I told him if he misses the birth of his first child, that it wasn't my fault. And I certai...

Thursday 21 January 12:37pm

Becclm replied to topic friends and pregnancy

Hey there I am 25 years old, and my friendships have changed dramatically. As you know, being pregnant doesn't allow you to party as had as the rest of your friends. 1 - You could organise one bi...

Thursday 21 January 12:27pm

Becclm started new topic Perineal Massage

My hospital book suggest to try perineal massage from 34 weeks. It says to use a natural oil. But what is a natural oil? Also has anyone tried this? Did it help?

Thursday 21 January 07:00am

Becclm started new topic Whats the difference between boys and girls huggies nappies?

We don't know what sex our baby is. But there are some great sales on baby nappies at the moment. We already have a few boxes of new borns, but I was hoping to buy some of the next size up ones....

Tuesday 19 January 11:42am

Becclm replied to topic Emotional rollercoaster

Hey there, your not alone, just reading your post has made me cry. I am 33 weeks pregnant, and I would say my first 2 trimesters were my worse. I just was so upset and emotional, and then would fee...

Tuesday 19 January 11:39am

Becclm started new topic When did you stop work, or when are you planning on stopping work.

I am 32 weeks pregnant, work in a office job as a receptionist. I have just come back from xmas holidays, and I am so tired. I was hoping to make it to 35 weeks. But the way I am going I dunno if i...

Wednesday 13 January 10:27am

Becclm started new topic Help with buying a baby monitor please

So many different ones on the market. What are some good points about your monitor and some bad points. I want to buy a quailty monitor, just not sure what one yet.

Tuesday 12 January 11:00am

Becclm replied to topic It's my first and I am terrified

Cleary I am 25 years old, and I am by no means a party animal either, but I have found the social aspects of pregnancy the pits. I am too tired to do anything with friends, and when I am not tired,...

Tuesday 22 December 01:57pm

Becclm replied to topic It's my first and I am terrified

What you are feeling is totally normal! I know it doesn't feel normal and you feel like crap but that is all part of pregnancy. And just remember you've never felt any of these emotions or feeling ...

Tuesday 22 December 01:39pm
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