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JasmineH replied to topic What do you think ....

I need a twin stroller (I have twins) but it is big and bulky and it is considered one of the lighter models. If you decide you need one, do you home work try different models in and out of your ca...

Monday 07 December 12:47am

JasmineH replied to topic twin routines

Your routiene sounds good. Maybe you could dunk them in the bath with your other child, it would save filling and emptying the baby bath. you need to be watching your other child anyway. Stick one ...

Monday 07 December 12:38am

JasmineH replied to topic Am I Crazy?

Sorry I agree with the others you would be crazy to give yourself the extra pressure of study when you have baby twins. I had my twins at 37 weeks (considered term) they fed every 2 hours for an ho...

Monday 07 December 12:30am

JasmineH replied to topic Thinking About TTC Alone.

I have gone down this path. I was about 21 when I started thinking "what if I didn't find anyone" and about 25 when I decided to start looking into sperm doners/adoption. I was 28 when I decided ...

Monday 07 December 12:14am

JasmineH replied to topic To Adopt or Not Adopt?

I think the first step is to realise you are not on your own. There is help out there for you. Red cross offer a service where someone comes once a week for a few hours and will baby sit so you can...

Tuesday 17 November 12:14am

JasmineH replied to topic advice needed on visiting issues

Stick to your own ideas on parenting. If your kids need to stay at home for a regular sleep routiene then that is more important than going anywhere, even to your own mothers. People who don't have...

Friday 23 October 10:38pm

JasmineH replied to topic moving into beds

I have not yet had to deal with this issue. My two are only 17months old. I intend to put a baby gate across their bedroom door to stop them escaping. I am not sure how I will stop them getting int...

Friday 23 October 10:22pm

JasmineH replied to topic Sick and tired of no twin trollys. Is any one else

My other pet hate is that they tend to hide the trolleys right in the middle of the shopping centres. I guess they dont want them "walking" but do they have any idea how hard it is to get two babie...

Sunday 09 August 08:05pm

JasmineH replied to topic Just found out... it's twins... what do I do now?

Congratulations on your twins. I have 14 month old boy/girl twins. I am also a single mum. Coping with the day to day things you need to do when you are on your own (with hubby at work) is difficu...

Sunday 09 August 08:00pm

JasmineH replied to topic is it wong of me

If you want to do another antenatal class then go for it. The second time round you may know better which questions to ask.

Wednesday 15 July 06:05pm

JasmineH replied to topic Car Seat

I agree. The more expensive ones may have more features such as sun shades and other stuff which are not essential but all have to meet Australian standards. I just got some cheap ones from Big W

Monday 05 May 04:50am

JasmineH replied to topic triplets

Definately congratulation on triplets. Mind you I am 33 weeks pregnant with twins and have had enough of being big, good luck with carrying triplets. Hope everything goes well.

Monday 05 May 04:26am

JasmineH replied to topic Twin Pram - Any ideas

I have brought a valco twin stroller. It has one handle all the way across and fits in the back of my hatchback. Haven't used it yet cause babies not yet born. but have practiced putting it up and ...

Monday 05 May 04:22am

JasmineH replied to topic painful breast. maybe tmi

What colour fluid is leaking. If it is greenish or smells bad you could have an infection. Mention it to your doctor next time you see him. It also could be that they are hurting cause of all the c...

Wednesday 12 March 01:49am

JasmineH replied to topic 3D & 4D scans

I had mine done in Perth (had to travel 3 hours to get there). Medicare does cover the part of the cost (the same amount of rebate as for a normal ultrasound) but only if the ultrsound is ordered b...

Wednesday 12 March 01:44am

JasmineH replied to topic Spa during pregnancy?

If it is your own spa and you kept it clean I don't think it would be a problem but you do have to keep an eye on the temp but I think that 35 and under would be okay. On really hot days there are ...

Wednesday 12 March 01:34am

JasmineH replied to topic Working while pregnant

There was a nurse at work who I know who went into labour during a night shift and kept working til her shift finished and then just went upstairs to maternity and had her baby. I will try and stay...

Wednesday 12 March 01:26am

JasmineH replied to topic sushi

I guess it depends on how the hygeine is at the sushi restraunt. I know the sushi shop I go only uses fresh ingredients and I only get the cook meat sushi. I don't think I am puting my babies at ri...

Wednesday 12 March 01:22am

JasmineH replied to topic How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far?

I have put on about 10kg so far. I started at about 84kg and am 25 weeks pregnant with twins. Am having some trouble eating the amount I think I should be eating to get enough nutrients becuase of ...

Wednesday 12 March 01:18am

JasmineH replied to topic OMG We are having Twins!

Congratulations. I am 20 weeks pregnant at the moment with twins. I have just found out that they are a boy/girl set. I visit the multiple forum mentioned by the last person and find it really good...

Tuesday 12 February 04:19am
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