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Kyra29 replied to topic Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! 31 Oct 2012

Trust that people really do like you for who you are, you don't have to change or try to impress them.

Friday 02 November 03:38pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Baby Blues Very Real

Thanks for the lovely reply. You are totally right, if we didn't have these strong feelings to do it all again, no one would ever put themselves though so much pain and discomfort. Here's to the w...

Tuesday 30 October 05:14pm

Kyra29 started new topic Baby Blues Very Real

I went looking for stories of other mum's baby blues experiences and found very few posted recently. I wanted to share mine to both get it off my chest and to let others know it is normal. I just g...

Tuesday 30 October 02:43pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Gestational diabetes and birth

Rose1801 wrote: V & Kyra .. Just a quick question if I may, did either of you have to go to attend a high risk clinic ? I'm on 18 units of Novarapid before dinner & 28 units of Protaphane a...

Tuesday 23 October 10:37pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Gestational diabetes and birth

I am actually being induced on Wednesday night because I have GD. I will be 38 + 3 days. They plan to put the gel in Wednesday night and break my waters on Thursday. My OB checked my cervic on Thur...

Sunday 21 October 02:26pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Children's social behaviour

My son's birthday is in March and he will be going to school when he is 4, turning 5. I can't see the point in keeping him at home for another year. He thrives in daycare and if he struggles at pri...

Tuesday 16 October 09:57pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Is this normal? Bleeding after birth and D and C

The D&C probably fixed it, but ask to have a ultrasound done. You might have had some 'retained material' as they put it. It usually means a part of the placenta etc was left behind. I had some 're...

Tuesday 16 October 09:46pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Implantation Bleeding??

Yes, I think I had an implantation bleed with my first pregnancy. It was like a really watery light period. I thought it was just an odd period and didn't realise I was pregnant. It was around when...

Thursday 19 July 09:10pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Breastfeeding and nut allergy article

Here is an interesting thought - if you have gestational diabetes one of the suggested snacks is nuts in particular almonds, and peanut butter is ok just a bit high in fat. Wonder if there is a cor...

Thursday 12 July 09:28pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Deciding not to Breast Feed

By the 3rd reply I was crying. Even when I posted about this 2 years ago, I never felt like anyone understood. I have always felt like I was the only one who felt so guilty for not doing what I exp...

Thursday 12 July 09:20pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Gestational Diabetes - Will I get it 2nd time around?

I didn't have with my DS, but I have it now. I figured something was up at 9-10 weeks and asked for the glucose test - failed miserably. Doesn't answer your question, but shows it can be different ...

Wednesday 11 July 11:34pm

Kyra29 started new topic Deciding not to Breast Feed

I am approx 23 weeks pregnant and in the process of deciding if I will even try and breastfeed this time. With my DS (2 1/2) I simply had no milk and agonised trying to express and bottle feed for ...

Wednesday 11 July 11:24pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Mum's uncomfortable to breastfeed

I didn't read all of the posts, but generally the push seems for you to breast feed. You must do what makes you feel best and works for your family. With my son I simply had no milk, so he went str...

Wednesday 11 July 11:03pm

Kyra29 replied to topic Possible gestational Diabetes

I was diagnosed at 10 weeks with GD with this pregancy. I don't think I had it last time. I tried to 'cure' it with diet, but ended up in a miserable mess within a few weeks because I had stopped e...

Thursday 14 June 09:55pm

Kyra29 replied to topic November 2012

I have watched this list grow and grow, but yet no one has been due on the 4th, just me. So I added myself in. Lots of Melbourne Cup babies. 2nd - Sammie NZ 2nd - Mz211 3rd - Iced Tea 3rd - jammy2...

Friday 06 April 12:44am

Kyra29 replied to topic Something exciting happened today

Beautiful to hear for the first time!!

Friday 06 April 12:37am

Kyra29 replied to topic The Name Game

Well here is what we do: Mum and Dad (we have had versions of Mum-mum and Dada) Uncle Steve, Aunty Shannon etc. But really Steve and Shannon are fine. Close friends by their first names e.g. Amanda...

Friday 06 April 12:29am

Kyra29 replied to topic Did your baby's eye's change colour?

DS were blue when he was born, and a medium brown now. On the birth registration form you have to put eye colour, so I put blue. A bit wrong now!

Monday 02 April 06:53am

Kyra29 started new topic Pregnancy Stage Pics

I just updated my profile to show that I am pregnant. It uses the picture from the information page about the stages of pregnancy. Wow, what a horrible picture. I think it is the red/pink/brown c...

Monday 02 April 02:02am

Kyra29 replied to topic the formula debate..

We used Nan (not the Pro Gold one), it was middle price range, widely available and created a very healthy, intelligent, active little boy. We had no constipation etc. I know I will get shot down i...

Monday 02 April 01:56am
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